Dildos For The Body Dock Original

Ready to revolutionize your intimate experiences? Say hello to the Body Dock Original, an innovative strap on harness designed to accept any dildo with a suction cup. That’s right! Turn any suction cup dildo into a strap on! With its patented powerful suction design, compatibility with most dildos, and customizable nylon straps, your pleasure possibilities are endless!

Key Takeaways

  • Experience revolutionary pleasure with the Body Dock Original – a secure strap-on harness system featuring suction-based design & compatible with most dildos!
  • Enhance your experience W/ lightweight nylon straps for a comfortable fit and attach vibrators to unlock new levels of pleasure.

Body Dock Original Side View Body Dock Original In Box

Discovering the Body Dock Original

The Body Dock Original is a strap-on harness system that features an exciting patented suction-based design to securely and comfortably attach dildos or vibrators to the patented body. This versatile and enjoyable accessory is suitable for various body types and offers an incredibly unique experience due to its super strong bond between the harness and the dildo.

But the intrigue doesn’t end there; we’ll jump further into its distinctive features.

Patented Powerful Suction Design

The Body Dock Original’s patented suction design is truly groundbreaking. The powerful suction creates a firm bond between the suction cup of a dildo or vibrator and the concave suction dock of the Body Dock without needing rings or snaps. With a docking plate diameter of 3.4 inches (8.6 cm), the Body Dock Original can accommodate any dildo with a suction cup diameter smaller than this size.

Bid farewell to the hassle of snaps and straps, and welcome this game-changing innovative design!

Compatibility with Most Dildos

The Body Dock Original’s compatibility with a variety of dildos opens up endless pleasure possibilities. Its docking plate with a diameter of 3.4 inches (8.6 cm) can accommodate most dildos on the market, including the King Cock Elite Dildo, Dillio suction cup dildos, and other strap-on harness compatible dildos.

The Body Dock Original is not only incredibly versatile, but also offers a secure and safe way to enjoy your favorite toys.


Body Dock Original Front View


Enhancing Your Experience with Nylon Straps

Nylon straps offer several amazing benefits when used with the Body Dock Original. They are soft, lightweight, and provide a comfortable experience for the user. Additionally, the nylon straps easily adjust, working in conjunction with the angled suction dock and concave suction dock for a more secure and comfortable fit, ensuring the Body Dock Original stays in place during use.

Now let’s examine the dock more thoroughly.

Angled Suction Dock

The angled suction dock is designed to counteract sagging caused by traditional harnesses, ensuring a natural and true appearance. By adjusting the angle of the dildo, the angled suction dock allows for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience, making it a fantastic feature of the Body Dock.

Say goodbye to sagging or uncomfortable angles; simply push yourself to embrace pure, undiluted pleasure.

Concave Suction Dock

The concave suction dock provides a secure fit for curved dildos, ensuring a satisfying and thrilling experience. Attach your favorite dildo or vibrator with ease! Simply press the suction cup against the concave suction dock until a secure fit is achieved. All air between them should be expelled for maximum stability.

The concave suction dock delivers a secure grip for your toys, while simultaneously enhancing comfort and pleasure as the dildo or vibrator stays firmly positioned.


Body Dock Original Straps


Taking Pleasure to a Whole New Level

The Body Dock Original is more than just a strap-on harness, it’s a versatile and convenient accessory that can take your pleasure to a whole new level. With its compatibility with most dildos and the ability to attach vibrators for added stimulation, the Body Dock is perfect for spicing up your intimate playtime.

Designed for comfort and security, it features adjustable straps and a snug fit that won’t disappoint.

Favorite Strap-on Accessory

Transform your Body Dock Original into a strap-on for hands-free pleasure and versatile play. The Body Dock features a premium silicone docking plate, adjustable side-release buckles, and an angled suction dock to counteract the sagging experience caused by traditional harnesses.

With the Universal Strap-On Harness System, switching out accessories for a memorable experience becomes a breeze.

Attaching Vibrators

Why not elevate your strap-on experience by attaching your favorite vibrator to the Body Dock? Adding vibrators can enhance your pleasure and improve pelvic floor muscle function, all while providing discreet and powerful vibrations for a truly satisfying experience.

Just fasten your compatible vibrator to the docking system using the nylon straps and immerse yourself in the delightful vibrations.

Caring for Your Body Dock Original

It’s imperative to maintain quality and extend the lifespan of your Body Dock Original. Regular care and maintenance not only solidify its durability but also assure long-term enjoyment of its unique features and benefits.

Let’s check out the optimal practices for cleaning, storage, and sourcing replacement parts and accessories.

Cleaning and Storage

The best way to clean your Body Dock Original is to use warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and debris. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

For storage, it’s best to keep your Body Dock in a cool, dry place shielded from direct sunlight and dust. Appropriate cleaning and storage practices will help maintain your Body Dock in prime condition for endless enjoyable experiences.


In conclusion, the Body Dock Original is a game-changing pleasure accessory that offers customization, compatibility, and enhanced experiences. With its patented powerful suction design, innovative angled and concave suction docks, and the ability to attach vibrators, the Body Dock is sure to elevate your intimate encounters. So why wait? Discover the endless possibilities and take your pleasure to a whole new level with the Body Dock.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Body Dock Original?

Experience a whole new level of pleasure with the Body Dock – the revolutionary strap-on harness system that uses suction to attach dildos and vibrators to your body for heightened stimulation!

The Body Dock Original is designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to explore new positions and angles for maximum pleasure. With its adjustable straps and easy-to-use suction cups, you can enjoy hands-free stimulation and explore a variety of sensations.

How does the patented powerful suction design work?

Experience mind-blowing sensations as the patented powerful suction design creates a firm bond between your favorite toys and the dock, giving you maximum pleasure!

Is the Body Dock Original compatible with most dildos?

Yes! The Body Dock Original is compatible with most dildos, so you can enjoy all the thrills that come with it.

How do I clean and store the Body Dock?

Clean your Body Dock Original with warm soapy water and cloth, rinse it off thoroughly, and store it in a cool, dry place away from the sun and dust.

Enjoy your restored Body Dock!

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