Different Types of Dildos

Dildos come in all different sizes, made from an array of materials. They can fall under a number of different categories too. The most popular dildos are:

Realistic dildos: These include lifelike “skin” materials with a veiny shaft and bulging tip like the Realistic C*ck UR3.

Double dildos: Dildos with a double-sided shaft are great for lesbian couples who desire simultaneous penetration. Sex toys like the Jellies Double Dong also can be used anally.

Anal dildos: As a rule of thumb, any dildo meant for anal insertion should have a flared base for safety purposes. They’re made from a wide range of materials for comfort at any experience level.

G-spot dildos: The Fifty Shades Darker Steel G-Spot Dildo is designed with a slight upward curve of the shaft for zero guesswork on how to find the deepest, most pleasurable part of the vagina.

Other types include suction (such as the Robbie Dildo), porn star, glass, strapless and hands-free dildos like the King Cock Strap On.

How to Use a Dildo

How you decide to use your dildo is entirely up to you! Whether you engage in solo play or use a dildo with your partner, the important thing is that you’re sexually satisfied. The top three techniques are:

  • Deep thrusting that penetrates the entire length of the vagina – especially with textured dildos.
  • Shallow thrusting for intense sensations at the entrance of the vagina where the majority of the nerve endings are.
  • Manual anal penetration with plenty of lube.

Different Types of Vibrators

The best-selling vibrators typically include two or three features for multiple paths to internal and external pleasure. The top three are:

Massagers: Vibrators like the Original Magic Wand are fan favorites for a reason – they can be used anywhere on the body and dialed up for maximum intensity on the areas that need it most. Jack and Jill’s Muse Massager also is an ideal toy for clit and nipple play.

Bullet Vibrators: Bullets are portable and right to the point. Buy an egg vibe or opt for the traditional bullet like the 8 Level Single Bullet for an affordable, effective quickie.

Vibrating Dildos: These combine the best of both worlds for a feeling of fullness with added pulsation patterns on the clit or balls. The Lelo Gigi 2 is designed for elusive G-spot stimulation for a truly luxurious orgasm.

How to Use a Vibrator

Vibrators are even easier to use than dildos! If you need to be convinced, give one a try for a quicker route to orgasm during masturbation or as an alternative to traditional PIV sex.

Lie down for hands-free vibrations on your clit, or manually penetrate yourself with a vibrating shaft much like you’d experience with a dildo.

Tease yourself or a partner by alternating the subtle sensations of the broad side of a vibe, or take yourself over the edge with direct stimulation on whatever erogenous zone gets you off – nipples, anus … get creative!

Try a couples vibrator for double the fun. Women can wear an insertable that stimulates the clitoris and the entry walls of the vagina as his shaft is tickled upon every thrust.

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