Different Female Orgasms & How to Have Them

Did you know that women can have many different types of orgasms? Jack and Jill Adult is thrilled to list all the different kinds below. Have fun exploring and enjoying the body-trembling possibilities of the “Big O.”

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Clitoral: A clitoral orgasm is easy to reach simply by stimulating the clitoris.

Masturbation: Whether achieved alone or with a partner, this orgasm is powerful but short-lived.

Vaginal/G-Spot: The G-spot refers to the small, nerve-filled section above the front vaginal wall. An orgasm can occur by massaging the G-spot in a circular manner. 

Blended: Blended orgasms are attained when several different parts of your body are being caressed at the same time.

Multiple: Multiple orgasms can be either sequential or serial. Sequential is when you take some time out between orgasms and serial is when you have an orgasm immediately after the previous one. 

Anal: Many women reach orgasm during anal sex because the anal walls have a tremendous amount of nerve endings. Novices should use plenty of lubrication and take it slow.

Sleep-Gasm: You are at your most relaxed while sleeping so your mind can freely explore your sexual fantasies without anxiety. This can be erotic to the point that you orgasm while still asleep. 

Cervical: This is one of the most intense orgasms for a woman. Also referred to as a full-body orgasm, the pleasure radiates throughout the entire body. A cervical orgasm is best reached by deep vaginal thrusting while in the doggy-style position.

U-Spot: This spot is encircled by interior parts of the clitoris. When the urethra is stimulated, blood charges towards the erectile tissue and this can cause female ejaculation or “squirting.” Take extra care while engaging in this activity as the U-spot can become easily infected.

A-Spot: The A-spot is referred to as “the second G Spot.” It is located above the cervix, near the belly button. This orgasm is best attained after a lot of foreplay and application of liberal lubrication. 

Nipple: Massage the area around your breasts and down to your stomach. Circle your breasts with a light touch but avoid your nipples. Just before orgasm, run your fingers around your nipples and gently squeeze them from base to tip. n

Core-Gasm: Core-gasms usually occur while exercising your core muscles. These orgasms will happen in your abdominal regions and can occur during exercise or immediately after stopping.

Expanded Sexual Response: You may be among the fortunate few who experience ESR and are gifted with multiple, powerful, and lengthy orgasms. Research suggests that ESR is caused by the simultaneous activation of numerous nerves. 

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