Complete Guide To Sex Toys

No matter if it’s a single play session or you and your partner are adding a bit of spice in the bedroom, sex toys are a great way to make your favorite pastime more enjoyable. But among different sex toys and gadgets, how does one know how to choose? What is the best sex toy for men and women? Also, what kind of toys are best suitable for couples?

We will explore these topics and give you an example of great products. You will be able to make an informed decision about the next addition to your bedside drawer. 

The Best Sex Toys for Women

As incredible as that sounds, the global pandemic had one side effect no one expected — the surge in sex toys purchases. Some adult toy companies even reported a 200% increase in sales between March 2019 and March 2020! What else is there to do when you’re stuck at home alone or with your partner for days on end? 

Another thing that has put the sex toy in the spotlight lately are celebrities such as Cara Delavigne, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Dakota Johnson launching their own sex toy lines. Also, many celebrities today use their influence to promote healthy women’s sexuality and create bedroom gadgets focused on female pleasure. Such toys help ladies get the orgasmic boost they’ve been craving all this time.

So, here is a list of sex toys you can use during solo time. 


Small, practical, powerful, great for beginners and pros alike — these are just a few features that put bullets on top of our list. In general, bullets are small clitoral stimulators that help you reach mind-blowing orgasms using various vibration modes. You can easily take them with you on your travels or hide them among your belongings, thanks to their size. 

If that sounds good, try Jill’s lil’ Bullet. This incredible solo time gadget is rechargeable and hosts a mighty motor with 10 speeds and functions. 


The magic wand is a classic sex toy for women and perhaps even the most famous one. This amazing toy has proven its efficacy over and over again, so it definitely deserves a place in every woman’s drawer. Although you can find wands in practically any size and design, the result is the same — an orgasmic bliss. 

If you don’t own one already, it’s time to spring for your new solo-play best friend. If you opt for Vibratex Magic Wand Unplugged Rechargeable, you will get to feel the magic whenever you want. Magic Wands may be considered one of the oldest form of sex toys. Even today, the Magic Wand remains the top selling sex toy. Magic Wands also have a variety of attachments as well!


One sex toy you can’t go wrong with is a rabbit vibrator. We are not alone in our preference, considering the famous Sex And The City episode when Charlotte learns about this beautiful gadget. If you wonder why all the fuss, we’ll say that the rabbit has it all: G-spot and clitoris stimulators and vibrations. That means complete satisfaction with every use for women who respond to both clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

Also, if you are not sure which one to try, we recommend going with Jill’s FlashRabbit by Jack and Jill. Tall, bright and efficient, this toy will stimulate all the best spots.

Suction Toys

Suction toys bring pleasure to your sensitive areas with the help of gentle suction. There are plenty to choose from depending on your preference. For example, some suction toys like the Lux F Erotic Suction Cupping Set, can cover the entire vagina area or other exciting places. On the other hand Shane’s World Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue focuses solely on the clitoris and thus provides ultimate pleasure.

Toys with Sonic Waves

A new generation of luxury sex toys use sonic waves to bring even more pleasure. They can provide superior stimulation because sonic waves reach places in the vagina no other external vibrations can. We find LELO’s Sila Sonic Clitoral Massager a gentle, elegant and excellent sonic wave gadget for beginners.


For those who do not like to deal with cables and batteries, there is another classic toy to try instead — dildos. You can find dildos in virtually all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs imaginable. They are simple yet very practical, and the sheer variety of them guarantees you’ll find the one that fits you best. 

Just take a look at the GetReal Realistic Dildo With Balls 7″ by Jack and Jill that features a suction cup. Attach it to the tiles in your bathroom for a morning shower with a quick orgasm on the side.

Butt Plugs

For the ladies, or guys who like to experiment with different and intense stimulation, we suggest butt plugs. They can be a great addition to your regular solo play and take you to a whole other level of pleasure. The Nexus Butt Plug Trio Kit is a quality kit that lets you experiment with different sizes, so you can always use the one that fits you best. Give butt plugs a chance!

The Most Enjoyable Sex Toys for Men

Although porn is a never-ending source of inspiration, masturbation becomes bland after a while with only your hand to assist you. But, since we are not ready (or willing) to give up this enjoyable pastime any time soon, we have to throw in some toys that bring the game to a higher level. So, what are the best bedroom toys gentlemen can resort to? Let’s find out!


Masturbators come in handy (pun intended) when you need a different sensation, other than what your hand can give you. A masturbator is a tube with one or both open ends. It slides over your penis and simulates penetration. Also, you get to choose between various designs that resemble different orifices as well as between manual and battery-operated masturbators. For instance, the Pipedream Extreme Toyz Mega Grip Squeezable Vibrating Stroker is a high-tech masturbator with a flexible sleeve and seven vibration options.

Penis Extensions

One classic male sex toy some men appreciate and have owned at one point is a penis extension. Extensions are a great choice for men with Erectile dysfunction as a prosthetic that fits over your penis to give you length and girth. They also feature ribbed inner surfaces that massage your entire shaft. Like strokers, Penis Extensions come in various forms, with one of the more popular brands on the market being the Jack and Jill GetReal line. You can find it here: Jack and Jill GetReal Penis Extender With Rings 8” There are 4 sizes to choose from in the GetReal Penis Extension line.

Cock Rings

This pleasure toy serves as a sound enhancer — it makes the penis more sensitive and prolongs the playtime before the climax. Put it around the base of your shaft to create a mild pressure and restrict the blood flow. Cock rings can be simple and inexpensive — for example, the Blush Stay Hard 10 Function Vibrating Bull Ring Cock Ring. Or they can have all kinds of crazy features like smartphone app control and Bluetooth control, like a Lovense Diamo Cock Ring.

Anal Toys

Anal play makes every solo session doubly exciting. However, if you are new to this game, you should start with something light like the Renegade Pleasure Plug Trainer Kit. Such gadgets will help you explore the delights of anal pleasure safely and slowly. But if you already have some experience in the area, try upping your game with the VeDO Quaker Anal Vibe. It has a considerable length and 12 delicious vibrations. We can’t forget about Anal beads. Having been around for centuries, they are a great starter if you or your partner is new with anal play. You can never go wrong starting off with anal beads.

Prostate Massagers

While anal toys can stimulate your P-spot, prostate massagers stand as a separate sex toy group. Prostate Massagers have a specific curved shape that lets them reach and massage your prostate. Anyone who has ever experienced that deep, intense, one of a kind prostate orgasm will wholeheartedly advise you to invest in a P-spot massager as soon as possible. Sounds good? The Zero Tolerance Intro To Prostate Kit contains prostate stimulators for beginners and more experienced users. They will guide you perfectly to the blissful end every time.

Love Dolls

If you ever get tired of all the handwork, you could always buy a sex doll to pounce on. A love doll can be a welcome change in your masturbation routine, especially if you opt for the Friends Love Doll. These and similar hot babes can give you hours of fun and pleasure you desire.


Best Sex Toys for Couples

Sexual wellness is important and Indulging yourself in various kinds of self-pleasure has never been easier. Now is the time to improve your sex life. The sex toys for couples market is always booming with different toys that can give you the orgasmic boost you’ve been craving. On top of that, people these days feel more comfortable talking about their bedroom habits and are willing to explore their sexuality using these modern gadgets. That’s why many couples feel confident enough to share their fantasies and engage in different sex plays.

If you want to see what all the buzz is about or surprise your partner with a new way to play, check out some of the following sex toys for couples below this handy infographic. According to research done by Women’s Health, 75% of women said they used a sex toy while being intimate with their partners. Also, 84% of them claim they are open to the idea.


As we mentioned before, bullets are a great addition to your sexcapades. They take care of your clitoris and let your partner focus on other ways to please you. Something as simple as the Jackie Love Rechargeable Bullet should be enough to get you that toe-curling sex you’ve always dreamed of.

G-Spot Stimulators

Most women only respond to clitoral stimulation. Others only respond to g-spot stimulation. Lucky ladies respond to both. There’s no putting the price on giving your partner maximum pleasure. For the lady who responds to g-spot stimulation, by adding just the right g-spot stimulator, you can make it happen every time you are together. G-spot stimulators such as a the Skinny G Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator for her pleasure can achieve this. CNN conducted some interesting research concerning women, stating “Intercourse isn’t everything for most women – try outercourse”

Cock Rings

Standard Penis rings are very popular sex toys. As blood flow changes with age, rings help keep erections firm and in place. Vibrating Rings are made for dual pleasure. That is because both partners benefit from deep vibrations and prolonged playtime. If you are not sure which one to choose, we recommend Fantasy C-ringz Remote Control Rabbit Cock Ring in Silicone. Aside from vibrations, it also has a tiny rabbit at the top that provides additional clitoral stimulation for her.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs can be an exciting choice if both partners are curious about anal stimulation. For added fun, you can always hand the remote over to your partner and let them control your pleasure. Check out this Pretty Love Remote Control Beaded Plug, and let us know what you think. 


If you and your partner like it a little bit rough, you can always dabble into BDSM a bit. BDSM and bondage gear can vary but Strict Deluxe 10pc Bondage Set and GLO Bondage Flogger – Glow in the Dark seem like an excellent place to start.

How to Safely Use Adult Toys

Finding the perfect sex toy for you is only half of the job. You must to learn how to care for them properly. They will last longer, and you will avoid damaging your health. Here are a few tips on how to keep your bedroom gear in the best shape. 

Keep Your Toys Clean

Wash your sex toy with warm water or mild antibacterial soap before and after each use. Toy cleaners are the best way to go. Also, make sure to let your toys air dry. 

Know Your Lube

There’s no denying that lubricant and sex toys go together perfectly. However, not all lubes are safe for your toys. As a general rule water-based lube is safe for all materials. Silicone is best used for anal sex, wood, glass and plastic toys. Pro tip: Be sure to wipe silicone lubricant off of your body with a towel before you get into the shower as people have been injured from slip and fall injuries in the shower. It does not rinse off well. Best to wipe first.

Caution should be taken when using silicone lubricants vaginally as shifts in ph can occur. The safest bet for a vagina safe silicone lube would be Pink Silicone Lube, just for women. There are some hybrid types of lubricant that are both water based and silicone based, too.

Store Properly 

Even if you don’t use your sex toys as much, they can get damaged. Read the user manual to learn how to store your devices correctly.

Replace Them on Time

When you see discoloration, damage, or smell strange odors from your sex toys, it’s time to part ways with your playtime companion. Otherwise, you risk getting an infection.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you decide to explore the world of sex toys, you’ll have a terrific experience. Not only will your solo sessions become more satisfying, but you’ll also have a lot of fun exploring pleasure with your partner and finding sensations you didn’t even know existed.

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