Choosing Your First Sex Toy

When you take a step back and have an objective look at life—it’s a never-ending procession of making choices that will either help or hinder your quality of life. From who you date, what you drive, where you decide to live, making the right choice is one of the most important skills that we develop. When it comes to sexuality, there’s less to do with choices and more to do with discovery. Discovering who we’re attracted to, what excites us, and what we like to have happen to us. 

Choosing your first sex toy to practice the time honored tradition of “self-love” is a choice that leads to a very fruitful experience of self-discovery. There might be some questions you have as to picking the right one, aside from of course your own personal preferences for size. We’ve gathered some frequently asked questions that will help the process move along a lot smoother.

Inside or Out? 

When choosing a toy such as a dildo or vibrator, this is probably the most important question to ask. “inside or out” refers to where you favor stimulation. The clitoris (out) is the best friend of the vibrator. If you favor vaginal penetration (in), then a dildo will be your new magic wand. Naturally, there are those of us who enjoy the best of both worlds, and there are more than a few toys that can accommodate. 

Strong or Gentle? 

Much like the previous question, there is no right or wrong answer, and it all amounts to personal preference. For those who like to be treated with a delicate touch, a small vibrator will be more than adequate. Sometimes delicate simply will not do. This is where a stronger toy such as a vibrating wand will be most favorable. 

Does it Have to be Quiet? 

Depending on what your living situation might be, you may have to be discreet with your escapades. While you might not to do anything about your voices volume, choosing a toy that operates without those in your immediate being none the wiser is well within the realm of possibilities. If you favor background noise and Vivaldi or Mozart just won’t be adequate, then a vibrator that emits noise is also available for your delights. 

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