Can Dildos Cause Miscarriage?

Is it okay to continue using your favorite dildos when expecting? While being pregnant is a beautiful experience, it does require many lifestyle changes. With so much talk about what you should or shouldn’t do during pregnancy, you might wonder what is allowed in the bedroom.

This article will look at how safe it is to use dildos and vibrators while pregnant. Moreover, it will discuss a few ground rules about combining sex toys and pregnancy and which love toys might be the best choice. 

A Pregnancy Dilemma: Is Using Dildos and Other Sex Toys Safe?

Your sex drive might skyrocket or vanish entirely during pregnancy. That is because a lot is happening in your body, and hormonal changes can cause you to respond differently to sexual activity. For instance, an increased blood flow to your vagina can make you more sensitive to touch. On the other hand, worrying about the baby, tiredness, morning sickness, and other pregnancy symptoms make some women lose interest in sex. 

For the ladies who are still feeling up for some bedroom action, the question remains: is it safe to use a vibrator, dildo, and other adult toys during pregnancy? Yes, it is perfectly safe. Unless your OB/GYN tells you otherwise, you can use both vibrating and non-vibrating toys in all stages of pregnancy. That means you and your partner can enjoy a healthy sex life without causing any harm to your baby. 

So, if you have a normal, low-risk pregnancy, sexual activity and masturbation with the help of any sex toy are okay. Some experts recommend them to relieve stress and take your mind off the usual pregnancy discomforts. Furthermore, masturbation, either alone or with your partner, can help you when your growing belly starts making your favorite sex positions uncomfortable. 

Is There a Chance of Hurting the Baby While Using a Vibrator During Pregnancy?

Masturbation and sex toys do not pose any risk because the uterine muscles and amniotic sac completely protect your baby. Moreover, the mucus plug seals your cervix, safeguarding against infections. Nevertheless, many pregnant women worry that a penis or penetrative toy can harm the baby. But rest assured, a penis, dildo, or vibrator will not come into contact with the fetus, nor will vibrations disturb it. 

It would be best to clear it with your doctor first to be on the safe side. Unless they put you on pelvic rest (meaning no intercourse or penetration) for a medical reason, you can freely vibe along. 

Some Guidelines to Follow When Using Sex Toys While Pregnant

Suppose a medical professional decides you can continue using a vibrator or dildo during pregnancy. In that case, you should follow some safety rules. That way, you can avoid putting your and your baby’s health at risk. 

Your Toys Must Be Clean

A general rule of thumb is to wash your toys before and after each use to avoid infection. But this notion becomes much more critical during pregnancy. So, our best advice is to make sure anything you introduce into your vagina is clean. 

If you have silicone toys like dildos that don’t vibrate, you can boil them for 5 to 10 minutes or wash them in the top rack of the dishwasher. You can clean battery-operated toys with warm water and antibacterial soap for around twenty seconds. Make sure to wash them all over, buttons and handles included, rinse and dry thoroughly before using them.

Also, read the instructions that came with your toy carefully. Different materials, like rubber, nylon, leather, and plastic, can have other cleaning routines, and it’s vital to follow through. 

Keeping your collection of sex toys clean is the best way to protect your body against most vaginal infections. That’s especially important during pregnancy since an untreated vaginal infection can increase the risk of preterm labor. Unfortunately, in most cases, women don’t recognize the symptoms of infection before it’s too late. While that’s usually not a big problem, it can cause severe complications in pregnancy. 

Try Not to Penetrate Too Deeply 

Your anatomy won’t let you go too far, so you don’t need to worry about piercing the placenta. But that doesn’t mean you won’t damage your cervix, especially if you penetrate too deep. So, if you notice any pain or discomfort, you should stop the penetration. Moreover, avoid using toys with sharp edges for the time being. 

Don’t Use the Same Toys for the Anus and Vagina

Even with a thorough cleaning, you can’t be sure you managed to get rid of all bacteria and viruses. Bacteria in your anus can cause an infection if transported to the vagina. So, to protect your and your baby’s health, never use the same toy for anal and vaginal penetration. Or, if you can’t avoid it, put on a fresh condom before switching orifices. 

Never Share Your Dildos

According to some peer-reviewed studies, sharing toys is always risky, so it would be best for pregnant women to avoid it altogether. Still, if you are using a vibrator and want to share it with your partner, you can always put a new condom on as you swap it over. 

Watch Out for Cramps, Blood, and Pain After You Use a Vibrator During Pregnancy

Orgasms can trigger mild cramps in pregnant women, called Braxton Hicks, which should slowly go away on their own. That is normal, and you shouldn’t worry about them unless they increase or become more painful. In that case, contact your doctor immediately. 

Lust Remote Control Dual Rider

When Is It Not Safe to Use Toys? 

There are several instances when you need to be more cautious or avoid vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys altogether. 

If You Have Placenta Previa

Placenta previa is when your baby’s placenta lies low, covering your cervix. In such a case, any penetration, especially in later pregnancy, can lead to heavy vaginal bleeding. 

When You Are at Risk for Premature Birth

There’s a chance the orgasm can cause contractions in this situation. So, it would be best to put your sex life on hold while closely tracking pregnancy.

Your Water Has Broken

If your water has broken, there’s a greater risk of catching an infection. That’s why penetrative toys like dildos are not a good choice. 

You Have a History of Cervical Weakness

weak cervix starts to soften as you go into your second and third trimester, which can cause bleeding, your mucus plug falling out, or your water breaking. Therefore, it’s better to steer clear of toys or sexual activities until your due date. 

You Had Heavy Bleeding

Several things can cause bleeding during pregnancy. But if you have experienced heavy bleeding, especially in your first trimester, it’s best to avoid sexual activity.

For more details on safe sex during pregnancy and other parenting information, click here

Safety Of Using Sex Toys While Pregnant [Infographic]

The Best Toys to Use During Pregnancy

It is okay if you don’t feel comfortable using your old sex toys during pregnancy. So, if you are thinking about shelving your dildo for nine months, there are some other toys you might find more appealing. 

Lust Remote Control Dual Rider — Purple

This state-of-the-art toy can stimulate your vulva using twelve different sensations. The best part about it? It has a remote control so you can make yourself comfortable and take charge of your orgasm hands-free.

LELO Smart Wand 2 Medium — Deep Rose

Not willing to give up on vibrators during pregnancy? This Smart Wand from LELO has a curved handle that can help you out when there’s a baby bump in the way. Another plus side is that it also works as a body massager that can come in handy throughout pregnancy. 

Screaming O My Secret Remote Control Panty Vibe – White 

Vibrating panties are also a good way to enjoy some solo time hands-free. Screaming O’s Panty Vibe are lace panties with a pocket you can put a multifunction bullet into. You operate it using a remote control that looks like a ring. 

So, Can Dildos Cause Miscarriage?

In healthy and low-risk pregnancies, dildos will not cause miscarriage or harm the baby. So, you are free to continue playing solo or with your partner as usual. However, you shouldn’t use dildos, vibrators, or other sex toys if your pregnancy is risky and your doctor prohibits penetrations and orgasms. If that’s the case with you, don’t worry — it won’t be long before you get to use your favorite toys again.

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