Body Safe Sex Toys

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Sex toys can help you better understand your body. They can also improve your sex life. However, not all sex toys are created equally. Keep reading to learn more about body-safe sex toys.

The world of sex toys is expansive. There are countless retailers and manufacturers out there selling a wide range of products. With such a large selection, you want to be sure you’re buying products that are safe for your body. Some sex toys are made with materials that are toxic to the body.

Sex toys are unregulated, meaning it is possible that they are porous, toxic, or both. A porous sex toy is a toy that can grow bacteria, yeast, and fungi. Meanwhile, toxic toys are toys made with harmful chemicals, including PVC and jelly. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, you want to look for products that are designed with those with sensitive skin in mind. Oftentimes, these products are the safest for the body.

A body-safe sex toy is a toy that is nonporous, meaning it has a hard and impenetrable surface. Shop for toys made from silicone, ABS plastic, certain metals (titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel), and certain types of glass, wood, stone, and ceramic. Silicone is typically the safest material for sex toys. Not only is it nonporous, but it’s also firm, yet flexible.

Once you’ve found a body-safe sex toy, you want to be sure you’re cleaning it properly. You should clean your sex toys after every use. You should also sanitize your body-safe sex toy right after you purchase it.

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