Best Thrusting Dildos and Thrusting Sex Toys

Best Thrusting Dildos and Thrusting Sex Toys



When it comes to adult sex toys, these days it seems like there’s almost nothing they can’t do! With toys that vibrate, shimmy, stroke and massage, there’s something for every taste. One of the most exciting developments in recent years is the absolute explosion of thrusting dildos

We know, for a lot of people, this is a new category of toy and it may seem daunting but trust us, once you know what’s out there, choosing and using a thrusting dildo can be a blast! If you feel intimidated, know that while thrusting sex toys used to almost exclusively mean big, bulky, expensive sex machines, they are now more accessible than ever with something for almost every taste and price point. From handheld to mounted, from simple to totally packed with awesome features, thrusting sex toys have a whole lot to offer!

So how do you find the thrusting toy of your dreams? Let us help you out! Today we’re talking about the best thrusting sex toys available and what you need to know when buying one. From materials to features to size and shape, when it comes to picking a thrusting sex toy, we’ve got you covered!

What Is A Thrusting Dildo?

First things first, what is a thrusting dildo? Short answer: it’s a dildo that features an internal thrusting mechanism, and is capable of thrusting all on its own. This means, of course, that you won’t have to do any of the work. The longer, and way more fun, answer is there is actually a variety of thrusting sex toys designed to stimulate the vagina, the anus, the prostate, and even the penis (hello thrusting strokers!) with a powerful thrusting movement that many associate with intercourse or manual stimulation. 

It may sound like these toys are meant to mimic partnered sex and thus are ideal for times when partners aren’t around and, don’t get us wrong, they totally can be that but, like any sex toy, a thrusting dildo is a fun way to explore in any sexual context! They can be used alone but can also be a super-fun addition to sexy time with partners. When it comes to how and when to use a thrusting sex toy, the possibilities are nearly endless! 

How Does a Thrusting Dildo Work?

So this answer could get technical really fast but we won’t bore you with the inner workings of these super-fun toys! Just know that a thrusting dildo is powered by a mechanism in the shaft of the toy that causes a thrusting action or pulsating motion. 


Some thrusters keep it simple with a back and forth or up and down motion that imitates the sensation of penetrative sex. Others add vibration modes, wiggles, shimmies, and other features for even more stimulation. The powerful vibration of a vibrating thrusting dildo is not only great for internal sweet spot and g-spot stimulation, but can also be an amazing option for anyone looking for unique outer and clit stimulation


Additionally, the thrusting speed and depth of penetration can vary from toy to toy or even between settings on the same toy. Just like when you engage in sexual intercourse with a partner, there can be a whole lot more to it than just “in and out”, so don’t be afraid to look for something that will deliver exactly what you want. 


We mentioned vibrating thrusters above, and we have much more to say on the subject of these amazing sex toys. To learn more, have a look at our “what is a thrusting vibrator?” blog!


What is the appeal of a thrusting toy?

Some folks might find them appealing because they mimic the thrusting motion associated with intercourse, while others might like that they allow the user to lay back and be stimulated hands-free! They can be used to explore new depths during solo play or to add a whole new dimension to partnered sex. 

When it comes right down to it, you might enjoy thrusting toys for the same reasons you might enjoy most sex toy options: they are fun to play and experiment with and they can make you feel awesome!


How Do You Use a Thrusting Sex Toy?

This is actually a pretty easy answer, you insert the toy and go! Also, though, there are some steps you can take to help deliver the most pleasurable experience possible. 

First things first, lube up! That’s typically a good idea when using insertable toys, but when it comes to toys with a thrusting motion, it’s vital to employ lubricant to avoid irritation. This is especially true if you are using the toy anally.  

Next, some folks might choose to engage in a little pre-insertion “foreplay” if you will. Perhaps using a vibrator or some other stimulation to prepare the body for penetration.

Finally, insert the toy. If it is a handheld thruster, this is super-easy. If it is a mounted toy or larger machine, you may need to take a moment to climb aboard. Once everything is in place, turn your thruster on and find your thrusting bliss! 

Bonus tip: while thrusters are typically inserted, they can also provide terrific clitoral stimulation! How? Check it out: Apply some lubricant, lay the toy against the vulva, with the head pointing towards your feet and activate the thrusting motion. Position your thruster so that it glides across the clitoris with each powerful thrust (you may have to play with the positioning to find your sweet spot) and get ready for some fun!

What Is The Best Thrusting Dildo?

So this is a tricky question as “best” implies we can tell you the one thrusting sex toy that will be amazing for EVERYONE and, the bad news is, such a thing simply does not exist. Don’t despair, though, because here comes the (very, very) good news: There’s a wide range of thrusters available (and the selection is growing all the time!) and we want to help you find the best one for YOU! 

Even the most popular, best-selling one won’t always be right for every single user– and that’s OKAY! We’re going to take some time to talk through the process of finding the absolute best thrusting sex toy for you!

How Do You Pick A Thrusting Sex Toy?

Now that we know it’s about finding the best toy for each user, let’s talk about some of the questions you can ask in your search to help zero in on your best thrusting match! Taking a minute to think about these things will help you find the toy that brings you the most pleasure, and that’s the goal, right?

What are you stimulating?

This is a big one! Will you be using this toy vaginally? Anally? Do you want to stimulate your or someone else’s prostate? Or maybe a penis? 

No matter what your answer, there are options available to you but answering this question first and foremost will help guide you to the best pick for you! For example, if you want thrusting anal stimulation, you can find a thrusting butt plug or a thrusting anal dildo with a flared base (remember, safety first!). Same goes for AMAB (assigned male at birth) folks who wish to stimulate a prostate!

If you are looking for penis stimulation there are thrusting strokers available. Also, there are tons of thrusting toys designed for vaginal use, some of which even include vibration and external stimulation designed to deliver some love to the clitoris! 

Know what you are aiming to please and you’ll be on the right track!

What is your budget?

So, this question is not as much fun as the last one but it is every bit as helpful! There are thrusting sex toys available at a whole range of price points with some cheap sex toy options priced as low as $40 and some super tricked-out full-on sex machines costing around $400. With all the options available, you’ll likely be able to find something you like that matches your budget.

Knowing how much you want to spend is another big step toward finding the best thrusting toy for you!

Should it run on batteries or would you prefer something rechargeable? 

Your budget might actually make this decision for you. Battery-operated toys tend to be lower in price so they may be an ideal pick for shoppers with a lower budget. Also, some folks just prefer battery operated toys while others are die-hard rechargeable fans. If you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience and added cost of having to replace your batteries, a rechargeable thrusting dildo might be right for you– and there are a whole lot of them available! 

Decide how you want to power your thruster and you’ll be one step closer to finding your ideal toy!

What material should it be made of?

You have choices! You can find thrusting toys of all shapes and sizes made with soft, supple, nonporous silicone (so easy to clean!). Some toys are made from, or at least contain some, ABS Plastic (hard, sleek, and smooth) and others are made with colorful, versatile TPE or TPR (if the toy is soft and looks transparent, it’s likely made with one of these.

Pick the material that you think will feel good against your body, and that appeals to you visually and in terms of upkeep! 

Do you have a shape or texture preference?

What do you want your thrusting toy to be shaped like? Should it be a representational or a realistic dildo (i.e should it look like a penis?) or not? Should it be smooth and sleek or maybe textured? Would you like it to have ridges? Bumps? A curve? Lifelike balls? Believe it or not, all of those options (and more!) are available to you and knowing your preference will get you closer to your ideal toy. 

What if you have no idea what shape or texture you prefer? No problem! In this case, let your curiosity guide you! Look around, see what’s available and go with what seems interesting.  There are even thrusting machines that will allow you to change out the thrusting attachment you can try different sizes, shapes and textures! Trust us, there’s no “wrong” answer to this question so let yourself have fun with it.

Note: Keep in mind, if you are looking at realistic thrusting strokers, the exterior of the toy options will often look quite similar and the texture will be on the inside!

What size should your thrusting toy be?

When it comes to insertable toys, this is always a good question to ask but when those toys are going to be thrusting inside your body, it’s especially important. If you have other toys you like to use internally (whether vaginally or anally), you can use them as your guide. If you don’t have toys to help steer you, a quick and easy toy shopping trick is to use your fingers! How many fingers can you comfortably insert in the orifice you intend to use the toy on? Wrap a measuring tape around that number of fingers to help guide you in terms of circumference or girth. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget to take length into account. Something too long could be uncomfortable, especially when it thrusts! Again, think about what you know you like. Is super-deep penetration where it’s at for you? Great! Pick a longer toy! Do you like to keep things a bit more shallow? Awesome! A shorter toy or maybe something with a shorter thrusting range is probably the way to go! Give some thought to what length you need to feel satisfied and comfortable. 

Bonus tip: Lube is always a great idea to keep any toy thrusting smoothly and comfortably but if you are looking to expand your… you know, horizons, with a bigger toy, it’s important to have lots of the slippery stuff on hand! 

Would you like your toy to be handheld or freestanding?

Just when you thought thrusting toys couldn’t get any cooler, you get the option of whether you even have to hold your toy yourself! Now, you may prefer that. Some folks like the control and opportunity for different positions and even locations a handheld toy gives them. If, however, you like the idea of a toy that stays in one place while thrusting for you, there are several options available!

From large sex-machine style devices that stay in place on a bed or the floor to smaller devices that can be held in the hand but also include strong suction cup base that is either built-in or can be added on, there are lots of choices for both handheld and freestanding use. 

What bells and whistles do you want?

So we know you want the toy to thrust but what else sounds good? Today’s thrusters come with all the bells and whistles we have come to expect from sex toys. It may seem overwhelming when you are faced with all the possibilities but, remember, all of these features are there to make you feel good so have fun looking at all that thrusters have to offer!

For AFAB (assigned female at birth) folks, there are a wide range of options that include clitoral stimulators (think thrusting rabbit vibrator!). The thrusting shaft portion of the toy is designed to penetrate the vagina while an external arm provides vibrating clitoral stimulation. This design is quite popular giving you lots of options if thrusting with clit stimulation sounds fun for you!

Additionally, some thrusting dildos have beads in their shaft for extra stimulation and sensation while some others heat up for a warm sensation. There are some thrusting toys that come with convenient remote controls and there are even models that come with multiple attachments to change up the stimulation! As if that wasn’t enough there are some products that have two useable ends: one end is a thruster while the other is a traditional vibrator (it’s like two toys for the price of one!).

When it comes to thrusting sex toys designed for anal use, several come equipped with remote controls so you don’t have to keep reaching back when you want to change the speed or intensity. Additionally, some anal toys are specifically designed to deliver stimulation to the prostate, which can feel great for folks with penises while others are aimed at more straightforward anal penetration, which can feel great for anyone! 

Some thrusting strokers come equipped with a phone mount so users can have conveniently placed visual stimuli while they use their toy. Also, many thrusting strokers as well as stroking dildos also come with the option to incorporate vibration to take your sexual pleasure to the next level!


Pick your bells and whistles and you’ll be well on your way to a super-satisfying thrusting toy experience!

Take the (Thrusting) Plunge!

So, there you have it folks! Thrusting sex toys account for an exciting (and constantly growing!) corner of the sex toy world, so why not explore it and see if it can help you achieve next-level sexual pleasure? When it comes to finding the best thrusting dildo, there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer but by asking a couple of key questions you can pick out the best thrusting toy for you! Now get out there and have some thrusting fun!

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