Best Silicone Stud Lasso

From single men and women to couples who have been playing together for years and years, everybody knows that sex toys are a great way to spice up a romp in the hay.

The silicone stud lasso is a new take on a classic toy and you and your partner will get a big kick out of it.

Better Erections, Better Sex

Penis rings are designed to help men maintain stronger, firmer erections while also helping to delay ejaculation. All of those things are great for both partners in the bedroom and the adjustable stud lasso works like a penis ring to provide exactly the right pressure around your erect penis.

By providing men with a better erection, both partners will have more satisfying sex.

Vibrating or Non-Vibrating

Vibrations can be a whole lot of fun for both partners. They offer men a bit of extra stimulation during sex, but they also provide a lot of clitoral stimulation for women. Many women find that this extra stimulation from the vibrating stud lasso makes orgasm much easier.

If you’re looking for something just a little bit simpler, the non-vibrating stud lasso functions more like a normal penis ring. While it won’t vibrate for extra pleasure, many couples find the non-vibrating silicone lasso to be less distracting, especially during longer sessions in the bedroom.

If you don’t know which model you prefer, or you just want some variety in your life, why not get both the vibrating and the non-vibrating models and experiment? At Jack and Jill, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy both of them!

Silky, Safe Silicone

When you’re buying a sex toy that’s going to directly contact the penis, you want a material that will be comfortable. If you plan on wearing your lasso during intercourse, you also want it to be comfortable for your partner.

That’s why the best material for penis rings like the lasso is silicone. It works wonderfully with water-based lubricants, making sure you have all the fun you can muster as many times as you want to use your new lasso.

Jack and Jill

Visit Jack and Jill Adult Superstore to learn more about the Silicone Stud Lasso and all of the other great penis rings we offer. From sex toys to lubricants, condoms and more, we have everything you need to turn a night at home into the time of your life!

Have you ever tried this kind of penis ring before? Will you try one at some point? Let us know below!

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