Bachelorette Party Ideas and Adult Novelty Gifts for the Bride to Be

The key to planning the perfect bachelorette party is having a keen understanding of the bride. Is she reserved? Does she have a wild side?

Either way, one thing is for certain, all brides need a phenomenal bachelorette bash (and at least a few penis-shaped novelties). We, at Jack and Jill, have composed the ultimate guide to spoiling your bride-to-be at a great bachelorette party.

Choosing a Theme

First, the maid of honor should decide on a theme for the party. If it’s a Vegas getaway, you’ll want to pack easy décor items like penis party trays to lie out across the table or the self-explanatory travel-sized love doll.

Local parties will be much easier in terms of planning, décor and a full itinerary of games. Whether you stick with an island-themed bash to match her beach wedding or plan a wild night with no purpose except to party, keeping the bride at the forefront is the most important part.

Bachelorette Party Games

Shopping adult novelty toys might be the most fun you’ll have planning her big bash. At Jack and Jill’s adult shop, we have hundreds of bachelorette-worthy products, from games and toys to décor and sexy pieces of lingerie that will appease even the pickiest of brides.

Pass the Buck is a party favorite that gets the liquor flowing with a boozy take on truth or dare. Once the buzz kicks in, everyone can partake in the debauchery by rolling Bride-to-Be Dice and following the orders as they land. From faking a foreign accent to chugging a beer, hilarity is bound to ensue!

Bride-to-Be Gift Ideas

Once the bachelorette party games have finished, you’ve deflated Peter the Love Doll, and you’ve cried from laughing so hard over the party spinner, it’s time to shower the bride with gifts.

Try the panty game! All guests are to buy the bride a pair of panties and string them up when she’s not looking. The bride has to guess which guest bought her each pair while stocking up on awesome lingerie for the honeymoon.

Making a personalized tote or shirt for the bride to sport in anticipation of the wedding is always a win. When all else fails, go for a couples sex toy!

Jack and Jill

When it comes to executing the best bachelorette party ideas, it’s all about staying true to the bride. Though it can seem overwhelming, we recommend creating an inspiration board on Pinterest and pinning the top bachelorette novelty gifts and games you find on Jack and Jill.

Just remember to have fun and make it all about her! She only gets one pre-wedding bash with all her best girlfriends, so make it count and make it special with Jack and Jill.

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