Are Penis Pumps Safe?

Are penis pumps safe?


Whether you’re a vulva-owner or penis-owner, is there anything sexier than feeling fully empowered and expressed in your sexuality? I think not. Part of the joy — and arguably the purpose of — sex toys is to help you feel totally in your power, whether you’re having sex with yourself or with a partner. 

Penis pumps can be a safe and gratifying part of your sexy-time repertoire, and one that can be a lot of fun. Using a penis pump can give you a harder erection and increase your penis size for the sexual encounter you’re participating in. Whatever your questions about penis pumps and safety are, we’ve got you. Who knew playing with your member could be so titillating?


Do penis really pumps work?

So, do penis pumps really work? When it comes to pumping up your penis, you might be a newbie. If you’re unsure whether these curious little vacuum devices work, the short answer is yes, they do — and the resounding truth is that penis pumps are also safe when used properly. There are certain things you’re going to want to make sure you do when using one, but it’s all doable.


What do penis pumps treat?

In case you’re wondering right off the bat, yes, penis pumps can help with erectile dysfunction, and we’ll get to that. But first, it’s important to address the question of size, and whether penis pumps can help bump you up one before you look up the “best penis enlargement pump” online.

The fact is, it’s a common myth that penis pumping is a “cure” for penis enlargement — in other words, that when it comes to your cock, you can use a penis vacuum pump to get swole.

In a word, no. First off, your cock is perfect the way it already is. You’re more than enough, and it’s worth stating (again and again), that your value and worth are not determined by the size of your johnson. However, if you are really curious about how to extend your penis, consider doing jelqing exercises. Mind you, there is no solid scientific evidence that jelqing actually works, but there are also not enough studies to disprove it doesn’t work. So jelq at your own risk.

Now onto the deal with penis pumps and penis size: The “bad” news (again, not really a bad thing) is that your penis size won’t permanently change from using a pump. The good news? Many men report that their confidence is boosted with the help of penis pumps. And that confidence is really the magic sauce — for both you and your partner(s). 


Can penis pumps treat erectile dysfunction?

Yep! Penis vacuum pumps can help penis-owners maintain penile health, which is a boon to those with erectile dysfunction or have lost the ability to generate natural erections. They can also assist penis-owners who are experiencing complications after prostate surgery or other penis-related surgical procedures.

It’s especially important to know that penis pumps can work for erectile dysfunction, given that other treatments can be more invasive or even dangerous. For example, you may want to experience relief from erectile dysfunction but not want to ingest erectile dysfunction medications (ED medications), with all the potential side effects they come with. You may also want to do something else before looking at getting some form of penile implant surgery or a penile injection.

Fortunately, erectile dysfunction pumps (ED pumps) can be an effective form of erectile dysfunction treatment. Not only do they give you more control over when you get hard and how hard you get, but they can also stimulate erectile tissue in a way that helps you get natural erections again (if you’ve had trouble getting them). It’s also safe to use a penis pump alongside erectile dysfunction drugs, if you’re looking for a dual course of action.

Penis pumps can also help treat for Peyronie’s disease (a penile condition caused by fibrous scar tissue that forms on your member, causing curved erections that can be quite painful). How does that work, you ask? It turns out that vacuum therapy for your cock is a thing; research shows that using a vacuum constriction device can help straighten the curvature of the penis over a 12-week period of time.


Potential risks when using a penis pump

Like many things in life, there are certain limitations to honor to be safe when using a penis pump (safety first!). Since the way penis pumps work is to essentially facilitate a bunch of blood coming into your phallus, this mostly has to do with the stuff running through your veins. 

If you’re on blood thinners, have or have had blood clots, or have some other kind of blood disorder, using a penis pump might not be recommended for you. You must consult your general practitioner to get an expert opinion on whether you’re medically cleared to give your pecker some penis pump love.


Can penis pumps damage your penis?

Yes. This mostly has to do with the amount of pressure you use when engaging your penis pump. If you go pressure crazy, a penis pump can indeed injure your sensitive parts. How do you prevent this? Get a penis pump that has a pressure limiter and safety release valve. Also, pay attention to how your schlong feels while you’re pumping away; if it hurts or is sore at all, stop.

How to use a penis pump safely? The first step is to place the tube over your lubed penis. Start pumping to remove the air inside the tube (if the vacuum device is battery powered, read package instructions on how its pumping mechanism works). Keep pumping until you’ve orgasmed or you’re ready for sexual intercourse. 

You can also damage your penis with improper use of a penis ring (cock ring). Many penis-owners who use a penis pump pair it with a cock ring (as in, they put a cock ring on right after pumping). Why? Because it keeps you hard longer — you’re basically filling your willy with blood, and the cock ring keeps all that yummy hardness all up in there.

Now, you want to be sure that your cock ring is comfy, because if it’s too tight, it can cause damage. This is important to know because many penis pumps come with an accompanying cock ring. In some men, the cock ring can cause trapped semen because it’s too tight around the bottom of the penis. There are rings that have a groove in the right spot to alleviate this.

TL;DR — be certain that your cock ring fits you well. This is not a place to skimp (i.e., even if you got a “free” one with your penis air pump, be sure it’s the right one for you). If you feel any kind of pain, tingling, or numbness, take it off immediately. After all, pain is not sexy … unless that’s your kink. 😉


Possible side effects of penis pump use

When your penis becomes erect normally, the penis ligament (aka suspensory ligament) engages and pulls your penis up. Because this doesn’t happen with penis pumps unless you’re partially or fully aroused at the same time, some men report their erections feeling “unnatural” when they use a penis pump. In other words, since the base of the penis won’t stiffen sometimes when you use a penis pump, you can experience a more “floppy” penis at the base. 

A good way to help with this is to play with yourself and/or your partner and make the whole experience pleasurable. The more you’re experiencing turn-on in your entire body (including but not limited to your shaft), the better your experience will be overall. And the more likely that you’ll engage all the muscles around your cock that help you have awesome sexual intercourse.


Maximum safe pressure applied with a penis pump.

With all things, it’s important to consider the risks before sticking your dick in there. Penis pumps and plastic tubes aren’t exempt from this. Be sure to gently experiment with your penis pump so you know how to safely limit the amount of pressure your dick pump is generating so that you don’t accidentally injure your new erection before you even get to use it.

There are many different types of pumps with many different features: water pumps, air pumps, mechanical pumps/electric pumps, and hand pumps. Not all devices are FDA-approved, so be thorough about researching the device you finally choose to make sure that you’re suave, sexy, and safe.


Penis pump safety tips

If you want more information on how to use a penis pump safely, a good first step is to make sure you thoroughly read the instructions! But here are a few extra tips to consider:

1. Buy a pump with a safety release valve. Practice using that valve a few times so that if there’s an emergency, you’re not stuck with your dick in a suction tube. Buy a pump that has a pressure limiter, as well, so you’re safely in the fun, engorged penis stage rather than the oh-crap-get-it-off-it-hurts stage.

2. Experts recommended shaving some of your pubic hair such that you get a smooth fit around the base of the pump, and applying lube where the dick pump contacts your skin. You might feel some discomfort the first few times using a penile pump because the base of your penis isn’t used to the sensation of something hard and pressurized being pressed against it. This will pass with regular use.

3. Get comfortable with your penis pump solo before bringing it into sexual encounters. Your head being in the game is just as important as your cock is in the game.

4. Some men say a water penis pump (such as the bathmate hydromax) applies pressure more evenly over the penis. These kinds of penis pumps do require the use of water, though, so be sure to have a bathtub or shower handy when playing with your bathmate pump or similar device.

5. Get a cock ring to keep that blood flow around a little longer — but don’t keep it on for more than 20 minutes. You risk serious injury to your penile tissue and blood vessels if you use a constriction ring for too long. Fun fact: this is technically called “vascular trauma.”

6. Have a rockin’ good time. #fistpump


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