Are Butt Plugs Painful?

If there’s a topic people enjoy more than celebrity news and Monday memes, it’s anal sex. Just think about how many posts you’ve seen with the peach emoji 🍑 — and believe us when we say they are not talking about the fruit. So, if all those fascinating tales sparked your curiosity about anal play and toys, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss one of the anal play basics — butt plugs.

Alicia Sinclair, a certified sex educator, says anal plugs are “for anybody and anybody”. So, let’s check out what a butt plug is, how it’s different from other anal toys, and how to use it for mind-blowing pleasure. 

What Are Butt Plugs?

Butt plugs are anal toys that, well, plug your butt. Their purpose is, of course, to bring you sexual pleasure, and the anus is the perfect place to do that since it is filled with many sensitive nerve endings. Anyone can use anal plugs, regardless of gender, genitalia, or sexual orientation.

You can recognize butt plugs by their shape — they usually look like a teardrop, carrot, or cone. A butt plug starts with a round and narrow tip for easy entry. Then gets wider in the middle before narrowing again into a thin neck. There’s also a broad base that helps butt plugs stay put and allows easy removal. 

The flared base is vital because, unlike the vagina, which ends at the cervix, your anal canal keeps going up to your colon. Moreover, your anal area is a vacuum thanks to the sphincter muscles, and things could easily get sucked in. 

Without a flared base, your butt plug would go too far inside and end up in your colon. So, to save yourself from an uncomfortable visit to the ER, buy a butt plug with a handle, pull cord, tail, flared, or a ring-shaped base. 

How Do They Compare to Other Anal Toys?

Unlike other butt toys, such as anal dildos or anal beads, plugs should stay put during your sexual activity. That means there’s no thrusting, moving in and out, but rather enjoying the feeling of fullness from a plug staying in place. Moreover, you can wear them for a more extended period of time. 

So, where anal beads are to be pulled in and out, plugs stay put. When it comes to anal dildos, they are usually bigger than plugs. Likewise, they sometimes don’t have a flared base, so you shouldn’t just leave them inside for the same “lost and found” reasons. Anal beads, dildos, and plugs also create entirely different sensations. 

Common Butt Plug Options

Anal plugs can come in various shapes and sizes. You will find glasssilicone, stainless steel, wood, and vibrating butt plugs. There is also an additional category for plugs designed for prostate play. The latest models can even connect to an app, so couples in long-distance relationships can enjoy butt play with each other too.

But as with any other sex toy, before opting for your new bedroom gadget, you should make sure the material is body-safe. The sex toy industry is not regulated in the US. Hence, cheaper toys of low quality on the market can leak harmful chemicals into your anus. 

In addition, such toys consist of porous materials you can never thoroughly sanitize. For a toy that will come in contact with the anus, that’s critical. These sex toys also tend to absorb the lube you use, which will only dry the material further. 

Stainless steel, borosilicate glass (Pyrex), and silicone toys are good options because they are non-porous. You can thoroughly disinfect them between uses. In contrast, porous materials, like acrylics and rigid plastics, can retain harmful bacteria and cause infections. Moreover, they break down faster, shortening your plug’s lifespan.

If you are new to the butt play, you might want to start with a silicone butt plug. This material is flexible enough to move with your body. When you gain more experience, glass and metal plugs will be a great way to bring different anal pleasure to your bedroom. They add a pleasant sensation of weight and let you enjoy temperature play.

Why Do People Like Butt Plugs So Much?

As with other anal sex toys, it’s all about pleasure. Thanks to all those nerve endings, anal stimulation feels fantastic. What’s even more, the anus is a gateway to the prostate (male), a roundabout to the G-spot (female), and takes you to the A-spot. According to sex educators, A-spot stands for anterior fornix erogenous zone, located a few inches deeper than the G-spot in the vagina.

So, during sexual activity, penis owners can get that fantastic P-spot stimulation if they have a butt plug in while thrusting. On the other hand, those with a vagina can enjoy the additional pressure on the back vaginal wall. Then, when their pelvic muscles contract during a climax, the sensation will be even better because the body will have something to squeeze.

The partners with penises will also feel the difference during vaginal penetration. With the butt plug in place, there’s less space in the pelvis, making the vagina feel tighter and more textured.

Good for Orgasms

Anal orgasms are real, and the good news is anyone with an anus can experience one. You can also use butt plugs to reach a prostate orgasm or stimulate A and G spots to achieve female ejaculation. And even if none of this occurs during anal stimulation, people still claim it feels good.

Marla Renee Stewart, a certified sex therapist, says some people have very powerful anal orgasms. So, if you have difficulty with achieving genital orgasm, you should give anal sex a try.

Good for Kinks

An anal plug is a versatile toy. You can use it in conjunction with just about any sexual activity. Butt plugs with furry tails are also an exciting option.

Excellent for Anal Training and Stretching

If you are an anal play enthusiast, butt plugs will come in handy to stretch your anus and prepare you for bigger things, like a penis, other toys, or gaping. That is called “anal training” and entails teaching your anal sphincter to relax by slowly increasing the size of a butt plug. 

Often, there are butt plug trainer kits that feature several plugs of different sizes. Still, you should stick to your own pace, even if it takes weeks and months to prepare for penetrative anal sex. 

Are Butt Plugs Safe? Are They Painful?

Anal plugs are perfectly safe, but using them can be painful if not done correctly. However, the whole experience doesn’t have to be unpleasant if you stick to a couple of basic rules. 

Use Butt-Loads of Lube

Unlike the vagina, the anal hole doesn’t have natural lubrication. That is why lube is a must during any anal play. Suppose you don’t apply a generous amount. In that case, you risk irritation, soreness, and tears — tears as in breaking a delicate skin inside your anus, and tears as in tears streaming down your face because it’s going to be painful. Since the plug will stay inside you for a while, apply enough lube to remove it easily.

The general rule of thumb is that silicone doesn’t mix with silicone. So, if you own a silicone butt plug, you will need a water-based lube. But if your plug consists of stainless steel or glass, silicone lubes are a better option. Pro Tip: be sure to wipe silicone lube from your body with a towel before getting into the shower to prevent a slip and fall.

It might be best to buy a lube designed for anal play since it is usually longer-lasting and thicker. Use a lube applicator to make sure you are covered both inside and out.

Learn How to Use it Properly

We will talk about how to insert an anal plug in more detail later in this article. But it’s essential to keep in mind that getting used to anal toys is a process, so before plugging in, learn all about it. 

Don’t Forget About Proper Care

As you probably already know, you should wash and disinfect all your sex toys before and after each use. That is even more important for anal toys because of, well, poop. No matter your hygiene habits, everyone’s bum contains microscopic fecal matter that sticks to your anal plug and can cause infection. Sharing it may also put you at risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Consider Your Health

Sex experts advise people with certain conditions to steer clear of butt stuff. For instance, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and prostate conditions could worsen with anal toy use. For that reason, you should consult with your doctor before exploring anal play. 

Don’t Use Numbing Creams

Some people are afraid of experiencing pain during backdoor plays, so they resort to numbing creams. However, that will prevent you from feeling discomfort, signaling you to stop. It is safer to avoid applying such creams when immersing in butt stuff.

Butt Plug Safety [Infographic]

How to Use Anal Plugs

The best way to prime your body is to get aroused via oral sex, masturbation, or vaginal penetration. When it comes to the best position for insertion, you can try bending over (the same as you would when inserting a tampon). Other positions you can try are missionary or doggy. It would be best to experiment with different positions until you find the most comfortable for you.

When you feel ready, press the tip of your plug against the anus and then slowly increase pressure. Insert the plug until the widest part reaches the external muscle. Then, slowly angle it downward by 45 degrees so the side of the bulb glides inside your anus. Stay like that for a few seconds before gradually angling the plug upward by 45 degrees. 

Repeat this a few times, gently moving a little deeper in with each change of direction. Your plug should slip into place once the widest point passes the internal anal muscle. To make the insertion more effortless and more enjoyable, you can also use the following tips.

  • Take a hot bath beforehand.
  • Start with something smaller than a plug, like a finger. Put some lube on your finger and gently rub the rim of your anus before inserting it. Once you can fit two fingers comfortably, you can move on to a butt plug. 
  • Stop if you feel any pain or if it simply doesn’t feel right. Take a deep breath, apply more lube, change the angle, or use a smaller plug. 
  • Once you put the anal plug into a comfortable position, you should not move it, push it in or out until you decide the plug play is over.

Keep Calm and Go Slowly

The golden rule for butt plugs is to go slowly. It is always better if you are relaxed when you explore anal play. If you are tense, you risk tearing the soft tissue.

So, allow your body to get used to anal penetration. It’ll take some time to find the position and angle that feels best to you. Moreover, it’s best to start with the smallest toy and gradually increase to larger plugs and toys.

Wash Your Genitalia and Your Hands

Hygiene is essential because it’s easy to transfer yeast and bacteria from your anus to your vagina or from one partner to another. So, after touching the anus, wash your hands before moving on to other body parts. You also can wear a disposable nitrile or latex glove.

How to Remove an Anal Plug

Some people say they tend to tighten down after orgasm. That makes it harder for them to take the butt plug out. If something similar happens to you, try some of the following tips. 

  • Be gentle. Just like insertion, withdrawal should go slowly.
  • Hold the base and softly tug on it until you feel your body resisting. Then maintain that pressure while taking a slow, deep breath.
  • As you exhale, bear down as you do when you go to the bathroom. The butt plug should slide out.
  • If it doesn’t work, try again, but this time, angle the plug down by 45 degrees as you bear down, just like when you inserted it. As one side of it comes out, turn the toy up 45 degrees.
  • When the widest part of the toy comes out, you might feel tempted to withdraw the rest quickly. But try not to do that, and continue taking it out slowly. 

Common Misconceptions Around Butt Plugs

You Can Use Butt Plugs Only When You Want Anal Sex 

As previously mentioned, anyone can use butt plugs, regardless of their preferred sexual activities. They are a great addition to a partnered play, masturbation, and exploring different kinks. Although some people like to use anal plugs as a warm-up toy, it is not its sole purpose. 

Using a Butt Plug Means You Agree to Anal Sex

If you agree to use anal plugs, that doesn’t mean you are open to having other things up your bum. Your consent is very important during any stage of anal play. 

It Should Not Hurt at All

A little discomfort as something penetrates your anal hole is normal, especially if you are a beginner. However, there should not be any major pain.

It’ll Make Me Poop 

Although you might feel like going to the bathroom, you will not poop yourself while wearing your butt plug. The urge to poop is quite normal since you are stimulating the same nerves. But to have your peace of mind, maybe you can do the number two or clean yourself with an anal douche before inserting a plug. 

It Will Get Lost or Stuck Inside Me

Anal plugs have a unique design that helps them stay put. The flared base will prevent the plug from traveling further up your colon and help you get it out safely. Unfortunately, other things or toys not meant for anal play can do some severe damage. If you don’t want to inspire another episode of Untold Stories of the ER, we suggest steering clear of inserting foreign objects.

There Will Be Poop On It When I Take It Out

Traces of poop will get stuck to your anal toys. But don’t worry — they will be too small to see with a naked eye. Poop is usually not stored in the anal canal, which is the part you are aiming for, but in the upper bowel. So, there’s no reason to be embarrassed or scared when taking out your love toy. 

How to Clean and Store Your Butt Plug

As with any sex toy, you should carefully read the instructions that came with your butt plug. But generally speaking, you can clean most plugs with a sex toy cleaner or soap and warm water. Silicone butt plugs can even go in the dishwasher (the top shelf), as long as they don’t have a motor. Boiling stainless steel, silicone, and glass toys will also do the trick.

Furthermore, you should not share your butt plug with your partner. But if there’s no way to avoid it, disinfect it before borrowing it. Then, store them in a dry, clean place to prevent damage. Also, please don’t throw away the box; use it for storage. 

The Best Butt Plugs for Beginners

A small and flexible plug is the most reasonable choice for all those just entering the world of butt play. So, here are some of the best butt plugs that fit the description. 

b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug 1 — Small Orange

b-Vibe Vibrating butt plugs are an excellent choice for beginners because they will give you all the fullness without making you feel uncomfortable. They also have powerful vibrations for spine-tingling satisfaction. 

VeDO Quaker Anal Vibe — Midnight Madness

Not a butt plug, but these anal beads might be a better option for a complete novice. They will get you started if you are not sure you are ready for a mini butt plug. You can insert one bead at a time and gradually work your way up. 

Nexus Ace Remote Control Butt Plug Small — Black

This vibrating butt plug is tiny enough to be pleasurable but packs a punch thanks to its vibrating options. It consists of body-safe silicone and is great for teasing your partner or yourself during solo play. 

Evolved Mini Butt Plug — Black

This mini anal plug is silky smooth for easy insertion. It is also waterproof to use it in a tub or during shower play. Phthalate-free and latex-free means you can safely use it for a long time without risking your health.

Corked 2 Small — Blue

One of the best butt plugs for those getting to know anal toys is Corked 2 Small. It is small but sweet and to the point. Moreover, this butt plug guarantees a comfortable fit, and the price is more than affordable.

Zero Tolerance Intro to Prostate Kit w/Download

This is a fantastic set for prostate stimulation that contains four different prostate massagers. Each prostate massager has a different shape, and one features a gentle curve for a better reach. 

Final Thoughts

Butt plugs can be a great addition to your sex life, and you should give them a go. However, as with any new toy, you need to be careful until you get its gist. So, make sure you play it safe, go slow, and not give up on the first sign of discomfort. Give yourself enough time to get used to the anal plug.

But if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s okay too. There are plenty of other fun sex toys you can try!

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