App-Enabled Adult Toys: A Definitive Guide

There’s something to be said about technology and the various advances it makes on a yearly basis. While you might not hear about these innovations on the nightly news or read about them in the latest tech-based journal, it was only a matter of time until technology caught up with devices that were utilized for both self-pleasure and those serene, intimate moments with your partner. On your smartphone, you most likely have an app for just about everything. Ordering takeout, checking the stock market, and even requesting a ride-share to get to and from various destinations. Well, now you can control your toys of pleasure from not only a remote but an app right on your phone. Technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? 

How Do Sex Toy Apps Work? 

While technology has yet to find a remote-controlled orgasm (we’re sure they’re working on it as we write this), a sex toy app can be utilized the same way you control your television when you have someone over to “Netflix and Chill.” While the basic television remotes are designed to be used from 5-10 feet away, apps have a longer range. Some can control toys from the other side of the world. Never has the phrase “reach out and touch someone” had such a double meaning. 

The ability to control your vibrator or cock ring from a distance is a great way to add some spice to your love life. And if you’re in a master/servant relationship, you now have a way to turn on and off your submissive’s pleasure center with the touch of a button. You might say that this innovation can help you and your partner come together in new and exciting ways. And yes, we mean it in the context that you might be thinking of. 

App-enabled sex toys are safe to use, and some can even be accessed via Bluetooth. 

Other Asked Questions About App-Enabled Toys 

Can I Use App-Enabled Toys in the Shower?

While we strongly recommend NEVER bringing your phone into a shower or hot tub with you, waterproof toys are available. You know, just in case.

What Material Are App-Enabled Toys Made From? 

The only difference between App-enabled toys and regular ones is that they can well, be controlled by an app. You’ll find that they’re constructed with the same materials such as silicone and glass. And as such, they should be cleaned periodically. 

What Types of App-Controlled Toys Are There? Where Can I Find Them? 

Like many other sex toys, app-controlled ones come in a variety of uses, and this is the area that we’ll be exploring next. Of course, you can find them at Jack and Jill Adult, your one-stop shop for all things kinky and sensual. And as we’re going to find out, we’ve got the app-enabled goods for both girls and boys.

App-Enabled Toys for Boys 

We’re going to break from stereotypes and begin our exposure with toys for boys. That’s right, guys. It’s time to climb out of the sandbox and get some grown-up goodies. You’ve outgrown the action figures, so now it’s time for some app-enabled action of a different kind. 

  • Lovense Diamo Cock Ring…$143.00 For the app-enabled boys’ toy, this is technology utilized to the ninth degree! Solo or partnered, this is what you’ve been waiting for. The Lovense Diamo Cock Ring is both discreet and waterproof, making it perfect for those nights in the hot tub. Controllable via the Lovense APP, you can control the action yourself or let your partner take control. 7 settings mean that no matter what your libido might be, there’s a niche for it. 
  • OhMiBod Lumen LED Pleasure Plug…$132.00 We didn’t forget all you boys who enjoy being a back door man…not at all. For those who enjoy the rear as their main point of entry, the app-enabled toy boom is here for you. Waterproof, controllable through not just one app, but two. Low charging times and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty make it the perfect gift. 

App-Enabled Toys for Girls 

Now that we’ve done our good deed for the boys, it’s time to show the world that girls just want to have fun. Whether you’re with your partner or doing the she-bop, there are plenty of options available. 

  • OhMiBod Blue Motion Nex 1 2nd Generation…$141.90 Smooth, discreet, and not to mention neat. This can be utilized for self-love or you can choose to share it with someone special. This G-spot vibrator is compatible via Bluetooth and includes seven settings, one for each level of your libido. A standard range of 26-30 feet can be accentuated with the use of the OhMiBod app. 
  • We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibe…$141.90 This is where discreet and kink meet. If you’ve ever been stuck at the office and need to relieve some…tension. This little gem can easily be hidden within the panties and controlled via remote control or through we connect app. If you’ve ever wanted to be adventurous in public…this could very well be your first step. 

Finding the Very Best (and the rest) App-Enabled Toys at Jack and Jill Adult 

You might be wondering why we chose to keep this list shorter than you might have expected. Well, have the fun of experimentation and exploration, are you? Remember what they say, the journey is always greater than the destination, and finding the perfect app-enabled toy can be quite a life-changing event. 

For our extensive inventory, sales, and more articles such as this one with enflame the senses, visit our store’s official website here www.jackandjilladult.com. Thank you, and be sure to come again…several times.

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