Anal Sex Aftercare: What to Do if Your Butt’s in a Rut

No matter your sexual orientation, anal sex is an act that can add a whole new element of excitement to your sex life. Unfortunately, it also carries a higher risk for complications over PIV sex. Learn the risks associated with anal sex and how to avoid them by heeding the following anal sex tips from Jack and Jill.

How to Have Safe Anal Sex

  • Preparedness goes a long way in making for a pleasant anal experience. Prior to sex, make sure:
  • You have condoms. Since anal sex can lead to tears inside the anus and leave it vulnerable to bodily fluids and subsequent infections, it’s important to reduce your risk as much as possible. The receiving partner is 30 times more likely to contract HIV through anal sex than vaginal.
  • You increase your fiber intake and drink plenty of water. Constipation leads to hemorrhoids, which lead to painful sex and bowel movements – often involving blood and discomfort.
  • You cut and file your nails if you plan on inserting your fingers into someone’s anus. Make sure your partner does the same for you.

How to Prepare in the Moment

  • Use plenty of lube to avoid tears in the anal tissue. If you’re using latex condoms, use a water-based lube and don’t be modest. When in doubt, use more.
  • Relax! Certain positions are more comfortable than others, so find what works for you. Try laying on your stomach for easy insertion.
  • It shouldn’t hurt. Stop if it does and apply more lube before attempting again. Don’t forget to slow down and breathe so that the sphincter can relax upon every exhale.
  • Opt for a soft, flexible dildo rather than stiffer anal sex toys. It should be able to bend with your body, rather than fight against it.

After Anal Sex

  • Immediately schedule a doctor’s appointment if you notice unusual discharge or new lumps in or around the anus.
  • Bleeding can indicate a rupture in an anal fissure or the area surrounding the anus. Because it may continue to rupture upon each bowel movement, a tear might look worse than it actually is. If the issue persists beyond a few days, see a doctor.
  • Fever and/or serious pain and pressure in the abdomen may be indicative of a ruptured colon. This is a severe injury that requires hospitalization and surgery, so don’t ignore the symptoms.
  • Most anal fissures and hemorrhoids can be treated with dietary changes, stool softeners and warm-water soaks.

Jack and Jill has a wide selection of anal sex trainers to make the transition as easy as possible from solo exploration to couple’s play. With or without toys, the most important aspects of anal sex are safety and communication. No butts about it.

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