Adult Toys to Spice up the Bedroom

Some people see sex toys as taboo or something that is only used by those who are unsatisfied with their sex life. However, this couldn’t be more far from the truth. Sex toys can be used by partners to spice up the bedroom. Read on to learn about common sex toys used by partners.

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Vibrators are among the most popular sex toys on the market. Vibrators aren’t just for women to use by themselves though. A woman can use a vibrator with her partner to help her experience pleasure.

Similarly, a woman and her partner may be interested in using dildos in the bedroom. Dildos come in countless sizes and styles and some even perform unique functions. There’s a dildo on the market for everyone.

A common sex toy that both men and women can use is a butt plug. However, these toys are not as easy to use as they look and an individual must work their way up in order to safely use a plug. If you or your partner have an interest in a butt plug, start by just using fingers and plenty of lube. 

Bondage toys aren’t just for people with a sadomasochistic kink. While these toys are excellent for those with kinks, they’re also excellent for couples who want to increase the trust and communication between one another one. Toys like handcuffs, ropes, and blindfolds can help couples increase excitement and trust in the bedroom.

Of course, always be sure to have consented when using any of these toys with a partner. You can shop for these sex toys, and many others, at Jack & Jill Adult. Browse our selection online or visit one of our stores on the southwest coast of Florida.

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