A Quick Guide for Anal Play Toys

For some people, anal sex is a mysterious frontier, and one that can be intimidating. There’s long-standing social stigma that dates back centuries. The Ancient Greeks used it as a form of subjugation with captured enemy combatants and some states outlawed the practice well into the 20th century. Here in the new millennium, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the practice, and for those who are dipping their toes in the water for the first time, the utilization of certain toys can remove the mystery from the back door as it’s sometimes called. 

We’re here to help you get started…

Butt Plugs 

One of the most used anal toys is the butt plug. It can be enjoyed by either gender, and can be utilized to stretch the anus, or simply provide a full effect when engaging in various forms of pleasure. You can find them composed from an array of materials, from plastic to silicone, and some have vibrating options. For boys who like to play rough, some come with ball and cock attachments. 

Anal Beads 

Anal beads are composed of several beads joined together and depending on the design, are sized in ascending fashion. Beads are popular because of their unique shape, and both insertion and removal can stimulate the various nerve endings that exist at the end of the sphincter. People who use beads often attest to the gradual removal to help intensify orgasms. The material that beads are composed from varies, and for the adventurous, there are vibrating options available. 


One of the most versatile sex toys you can own is the dildo. Whether it’s for a solo session or a passionate evening with your partner, they can be utilized for vaginal or anal penetration. Much like the but plug, dildos can provide a feeling of fullness, and some are specifically designed for anal use. For boys who like to play, there are dildos that are not only specifically designed for anal use, but can also reach the prostate with relative ease. 


No matter which toy you decide upon for your night of anal activity, lubrication is of the highest priority. Unlike the vaginal canal, the anal cavity isn’t naturally lubricated, and attempting to insert anything without lubrication can result in physical pain. For newcomers and first timers, CBD oils can release natural tension and help you stimulate arousal a lot easier. 

Jack and Jill Adult 

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