A Beginner’s Guide to Penis Rings

Whether you’re new to the world of sex toys or you’re an experienced pro, chances are you’ve seen penis rings on websites and stores shelves. If you’re a guy, you’ve surely wondered if they might be a good addition to your sex life.

The answer is a resounding yes! For you and your partner, the use of penis rings can make sex a whole lot more exciting. From foreplay to the main course, almost every man can benefit from the power and pleasure that a penis ring can offer.

Keep reading to learn more about penis rings, what they’ll do for you and which ones are the best to buy.

Last Longer

For men, one of the best things about using a penis ring is that they can help you last longer in bed. Even if you’re not a one-minute man, you probably wouldn’t complain about being able to go a few minutes longer, would you?

After all, every man wants to wow his partner with his stamina. If a penis ring can help, why wouldn’t you want to include one in your arsenal? You’ll love that extra few minutes and your partner will think you’re a real stud – even more than they already do!

Maintain Erections, Increase Sensation

Every guy has some fear of losing his erection or simply not being as hard as he could be. When you include a penis ring in your sex life, you won’t have to worry about losing your erection, even during marathon sessions.

That’s because penis rings work to restrict blood flow from the erect penis and keep you rock hard for a very long time. Firmer erections also result in more sensation, both for you and your partner, making sex more enjoyable for everyone.

Even if you’ve never used a penis ring before, it’s hard to argue with stronger, longer-lasting erections and more sensation. What guy wouldn’t want that for himself and his partner?

Think Outside the Box

When it comes time to buy a penis ring there are a lot of options out there. Silicone is an ideal body-safe option, but that isn’t the only choice you have. In fact, many couples really enjoy thinking outside of the box and going with something a bit more elaborate.

The Wireless Rockin Rabbit Vibrating Ring is the perfect outside of the box toy. Designed with two three-speed wireless bullets in the ring, this toy can bring both partners to tantalizing orgasms and turn an average night in the bedroom into an incredibly erotic one.

Introducing Toys

One of the other added benefits of using a penis ring in the bedroom is that you’ll be able to introduce sex toys in a way that is completely non-threatening. If you and your partner are inexperienced with them, or your partner is simply wary of their presence in the bedroom, penis rings are an easy way to get more comfortable.

Even if you don’t introduce other toys to the bedroom, the penis ring can open up conversations about sex and make everybody more comfortable with their desires. That might seem like a lot for a penis ring to do, but sometimes it’s the details that make all the difference.

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