9 Dildos You’ll Be Thankful For Once You Try Them

Finding a good, solid dildo that gives you exactly what you crave is something to be thankful for at any time of year. Shopping for the perfect sex toy is hard, but finding the right one is magical. You’ll want to say “thank you!” to the sex toy gods when it happens. Use our list to find your new favorite dildo and be thankful all year long.

We’re sharing top-rated picks from fellow dong-lovers just like you! No matter what size or girth you prefer, there’s something on this list for you!

Loverboy Top Gun Tommy

Want a realistic dildo whose size doesn’t intimidate you at first glance, but still gives you enough to feel every inch? Try the Blush Loverboy Top Gun Tommy, a realistic six-inch toy. It has a suction cup and is harness compatible, perfect for hands-free play whether you’re going solo or playing with your partner. The insertable length is 4.5 inches and the width is 1.5 inches.

Dillio 7” Slim

Dillio dildos are brightly colored, come in a variety of sizes, and feature curves and bends that mimic real life, even when they’re candy-colored. The 7” Slim Dillio is all of those things and more, giving you plenty of length without an overwhelming girl. Plus you get a bit of a curve to reach your most sensitive spots. The strong suction cup base allows you to play almost anywhere, or you can strap it into your harness for partnered play.

Lifeforms Big Boy 9” Dong

Want a true “big boy” in your life (among other spots)? You’re going to love the Lifeforms Big Boy 9” Dong with Balls and Suction Cup. It’s realistic and big so you can indulge your size-queen or size king fantasies. As one reviewer said, “If you really want a nice stretch then this is your toy.”

Shane Diesel’s C*ck and Balls

In lust with Shane Diesel? Craving a big, thick dong? Check out Shane Diesel’s C*ck and Balls. It’s as realistic a dildo as you can find considering this 10-inch schlong is modeled directly from his erect penis and testicles. Pull this beautiful D out, lube it up, turn on Shane’s video clips, and put yourself in the middle of the action.

Translucence 18” Veined Double Dong

Strap-on harnesses aren’t the only way for a couple to enjoy a dildo together. If you both crave penetrative fun, buy the Translucence 18” Veined Double Dong. You can enjoy it vaginal to vaginal, anal to vaginal, or anal or anal penetration. The choice is yours – and your partners. Just remember to lube up and take your time to find the perfect rhythm.

Real Skin All American Whoppers 7″

Want a dildo that’s juuuuuust right? You’re going to love the Real Skin All American Whoppers 7″ Curved Dong with Balls. You get the right amount of length to feel good with a comfortable seven inch shaft. Plus you get the realistic veins, glans, and testicles you want in a dildo. Even better, this guy vibrates at three different speeds to add some extra vroom to your orgasmic fun.

Glas Spiral Glass Dildo

Looking for a dildo that doesn’t look like every other dildo you already have? Try the Glas Spiral Glass Dildo. The blue spiraling swirls add plenty of delightful stimulation with each thrust. The hard glass gives you a firm pounding and lets you play with temperature and other sensations. Even better, this beautiful dildo works well with any kind of lube so add your favorite and have fun!

Colours Pleasures 8″ Dildo

When you want to add color and fun to your next orgasm, try a Colours Pleasures 8″ Dildo. They come in three fun colors: black, purple, and blue. No matter which color you pick, you get the same eight inches of throbbing, pounding pleasure you crave. These silicone dildos feel amazing in your hand and in your body thanks in part to the realistic texture. Let this baby fill you up with the long shaft and thick girth.

Blush Loverboy Manny the Fireman

Got a sexy fantasy of you and a smoldering, hot, delicious fireman going at it all night long? Make that fantasy a little more real with the Blush Loverboy Manny the Fireman dildo! He’s exactly what you need and not one inch more at a fun six inch length. This guy will turn you on, heat you up, and hold you until you cool down.


No single dildo works for everyone, so it’s important to figure out what you want most and then shop around. The dildos on this list are a great start to a long, thick, sexy relationship with your new favorite sex toy.

Do you have a dildo that you’re thankful for? Will you try one on this list or are you shopping for something specific? Let us know in the comments below!

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