9 Best Sex Doll Positions for Ultimate Pleasure

9 Best Sex Doll Positions for Ultimate Pleasure


These days, adult sex toys like sex dolls are more popular than ever with tons of lifelike options to choose from. While this is very exciting, I understand it can also leave folks with some questions, namely “how do I even use it?”. I get it, and that’s why today we’re taking a look at some of the most enjoyable positions to use with your sex doll — whatever type you choose — for maximum pleasure. So get ready because it’s time to talk about some of the absolute best sex doll positions!


9 Best Sex Doll Positions

For this list of sex positions, I’ve broken it down into three categories:


  • Full Body Sex Dolls

These are larger, heavier sex dolls that are designed to look and feel like a real live partner. They are usually over 5 feet tall and come equipped with anal, vaginal, and oral cavities that can be penetrated. Additionally, these deluxe, sometimes silicone sex dolls often come with bonus features like outfits and wigs to make your realistic sex doll the partner of your dreams.


  • Sex Doll Torsos

Picture a full body sex doll without arms, legs, or a head and you’ve got a sex doll torso. These typically feature breasts as well as vaginal and anal openings and can feel quite realistic. Also, since they are just only the best sex doll torsos instead of a whole love doll, they can be lighter and easier to maneuver than a full body doll.


  • Life Size Masturbators

A life size masturbator is typically very much like a sex doll torso but only from the waist down. With that in mind, these masturbators do not feature breasts, but they typically have both anal and vaginal openings. The big bonus of life size masturbators is that they are light, easy to store, and tend to be easier to clean than torsos or full body dolls.

As you read, keep in mind that just because a position is listed as best for one type of doll, you shouldn’t assume you can’t employ it with another type. One of the best things about owning any type of sex doll is the freedom to explore and try things out, so feel free to test out any sex positions that sound good to you. 

Also, be on the lookout for bonus positions on the list, as some of these works both from the front and from behind! Now, let’s get down to the 9 best sex doll positions. 


For Full Body Sex Dolls

Full body dolls are fun because, of course, they give you the full body experience. Below you’ll find some of the best sex positions to make the most of all that skin to (faux) skin surface area. Be aware that, due to the size and weight of full body dolls, some positions will require a bit of effort to keep the doll balanced. Once you figure out how to best position your love doll for optimum stability, you will be able to enjoy it to its full potential. 

Flying V

Want a position that is fun, easy, and intense? Enter the Flying V! Lie your doll on its back with pillows under its hips for a little elevation. Kneel between your doll’s legs and take one of the doll’s ankles in each hand. This will allow you to hold the legs wide apart while thrusting. This position can allow for super deep penetration as well as a very sexy view. Bonus: holding onto the legs will give you some extra leverage so you can go hard and deep as the spirit moves you.


Laid Back Oral

Dreaming of an intense, deepthroat-style blowjob? Want to engage in some no holds barred face fucking? Interested in an oral experience that still features the visual stimulation of seeing your doll’s sexy body laid out in front of you (with bonus easy access to the doll’s breasts!)? Then this one’s for you! Lay a doll, such as the Bianca Extreme Ultimate Fantasy Doll on its back on a bed, bench, table, etc, with its head hanging off the edge. This will put the doll’s oral tunnel in one long line allowing you to thrust as hard and deep as you want. 

When getting into this position, be aware of the height of the surface you are using so as to better line up your doll’s mouth with your penis. For beds that are high or tables, you may be able to pull this off while standing. For lower surfaces, you might need to kneel, squat, or otherwise adjust your height to get everything in the right place. 


Doggy Style

It’s a classic for a reason. Doggy style is sexy, versatile, and allows for super-deep thrusting. Plus, there are tons of from-behind variations to keep you from getting bored. For a traditional doggy style experience, have a doll like the Real Mandy Sex Doll kneel on the surface of the bed (beds are better than floors here because friction can damage your doll’s knees. If you really want to do it on the floor be sure to place something soft under the doll’s knees). 

You can have your doll in a basic all-fours position or, for a more intense experience (plus a bit of extra stability) you can bring the doll’s head and chest down to rest on the bed. Kneel between your doll’s legs (spreading the legs wide will give you better access and give your doll some extra stability) and hold onto the doll’s hips as you thrust. This position is perfect for sneaking in some spanking too. 

Variations: If you are liking the sound of doggy style and want to explore some other options, try bending your doll over a table or the arm of a couch. Depending on the height of your bed you can also try it with your doll kneeling on the surface of the bed, near the edge, and you standing on the floor. 

Remember, these are just suggestions. When using a full size doll, you have so many options. Basically, if you have imagined doing it with a live human partner, you can try it with a sex doll. The thing to be aware of at all times is that, unlike a human, your doll won’t try to hold itself up/in position so you need to be aware of how it needs to be positioned to stay put. The arms and legs can help you out here, as can creative use of furniture. 

For Sex Doll Torsos

Sex doll torsos allow you to enjoy some of the benefits of a full body doll without having to deal with positioning arms and legs. This enables you to use them in some fun ways and to get maximum sexual pleasure out of even the most basic positions. 



Missionary gets a bum rap. It gets called boring and dismissed as too basic, but the thing is, it does not have to be that way, especially when you have a sex doll torso to play with! Using a doll like the PDX Plus Perfect DD’s Masturbator, lay it down on its back on the bed (or floor, or whatever floats your boat). The weight of the torso will keep it firmly in place while you thrust away and because there are no arms and legs to contend with, you can 100% focus on your sexual pleasure. 

For a little something different, you can place some pillows or a positioning wedge under your doll’s hips to lift them up a bit. Additionally, most torsos feature both vaginal and anal openings, so you can easily experiment with what feels best. 


Table top

This one works best with a table that puts your doll at roughly the same height as your crotch, but it can also work with a bench or ottoman if you are kneeling. In any event, Table Top is fun because it keeps you upright while your doll is laid out in front of you, giving you lots of thrusting leverage and a killer view, whether your doll is facing up or down! 

Lay a doll like the LuvDollz Vibrating F**K Buddy down on a table (or bench, ottoman, etc.) with its openings placed all the way at the edge of the surface. You can do this with your doll facing up or down, depending on your preference but remember, the doll will be more stable on its back. Then you can stand or kneel in front and penetrate your doll vaginally or anally. 



Spooning is a sexy, intimate position that sometimes gets a little tricky in terms of where everyone’s arms and legs go. This makes it an awesome sexual position to try with a sex doll torso like the Jesse Jane Life Size Doll Torso! Position your doll on its side. You can use props to hold your doll in place or wrap your bottom arm around the doll to hold it close. From here, you can penetrate the doll vaginally or anally, and your arms are free to caress the breasts, hips, and more. 

This position is nice if your sex doll’s torso is on the heavier side because you don’t need to pick it up and move it around. Also, holding the doll close to you will allow it to warm up making for a more realistic feeling. Bonus: this sex position can also be great for full body dolls. Having to navigate the arms and legs might be trickier, but the good news is the arms and legs can also serve to hold the doll in place on its side. 

Sex doll torsos have some benefits in terms of ease of use, and they can be a lot of fun to experiment with. Additionally, as many torsos include both a butt and breasts, they keep the visual stimulation going even though they don’t have full bodies. 


For Life Size Masturbators

Life size masturbators are the lightest and most portable of the sex doll options (though some of the ones with fancy features can be pretty hefty!) and that can make for some very fun sexual position opportunities! 


Speed Bump

Speed bump is a deep penetration rear entry sex position. Place a masturbator like the PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Masturbator in Brown on the bed and position yourself with your knees spread apart. Penetrate the masturbator either vaginally or anally and allow your body to fall forward, resting your weight over the toy. From here you can thrust hard and deep or go for long, slow strokes. 



This might not be the first position to come to mind when you think about a life size masturbator but, in terms of convenience, it makes a lot of sense. With most sex dolls, positioning them on top of you is a bit of a balancing act that requires you to hold them in place anyway, so why not make that a bit easier and let your life size masturbator ride you? 

Lie on your back and position your masturbator. With your hands on the sex toy’s waist you can control how it moves or you can hold it still and thrust away! I recommend a masturbator that is sexy from either side (some have a flat back which is good for stability in different positions but not great for a sexy doll on top experience) like the LuvDollz Vibrating Spread Eagle Pussy & Ass. This will allow you to face the sex toy in either direction (for traditional and Reverse Cowpoke) and maintain a sexy view. 


Snug Bug

This doggy style variation is ideal for a fast, intense experience and works best with something that was designed for rear entry play like the Extreme F**k Me Silly Mega Masturbator. Place the toy on the bed right up against the edge so its butt is facing you. Then you can stand (or kneel depending on bed height) and pound your way to ecstasy. 

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