8 Vibrators to Try if You Love External Stimulation

By external stimulation, we mean clitoral — and vibrators that provide pleasure and extra sensation. Whether you want better orgasms during sex or you’re flying solo and want a new way to wank, sex toys get the job done.

The vast majority of women don’t orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. Many of them, however, get off when they show their clit a little love. Vibrators offer plenty of stimulation and a lot of fun, alone or with a partner, when you want something more than your hand can provide.

Every clitoris is different so not all sex toys work the same for everyone but if you know what you need to get off, here are a few vibrators to consider.

Magic Wand Rechargeable

Magic Wand RechargeableThe classic is the Original Magic Wand. It’s been around since the 1970s and hasn’t changed much in all that time. It still plugs into an electrical outlet! Upgrade to this century with the Magic Wand Rechargeable. You get all the same power as the original without being tied to the wall. In this version, you also get four power levels, instead of the original two, plus four vibration patterns. The wide head covers most of your vulva and can provide your clitoris all the stimulation it can handle.

Womanizer Pro

While technically a vibrator, the Womanizer Pro is different from your standard buzzing sex toy. Yes, it provides eight different levels of stimulation, and it’s made specifically for the clitoris, but it does something unique. The feel-good sensations on your clit come from pulsating waves instead of physical vibrations. Place the nozzle of your clit in the spot that works for you and enjoy the ride.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next GenerationThe Satisfyer Pro 2 is similar to the Womanizer – in many cases if you like one, you may enjoy the other. The shape is different but the purpose is the same – cover your clit in powerful pleasure. You’ll experience 11 settings of powerful pressure wave suction in this version. A little goes a long way for some people, so if your clitoris is sensitive or you’re easily aroused, start slow and low. It’s waterproof so you can take it into the bathtub or shower, too.

Drive Vibrating Ring

This silicone penis ring isn’t just for you to enjoy, obviously. But if you enjoy penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex but need more than penetration to get off, try the Drive Vibrating Ring. Your partner will get extra stimulation to stay harder longer. With each thrust, the tip presses against your body giving you the sensations you need to feel more pleasure, too. The curved design is meant to fit against your clit, and because it’s waterproof, you can use it anywhere.

We-Vibe Wish

We-Vibe WishThe We-Vibe Wish might not look like your average vibrator but it performs like a body massager. With its unique shape, you can press it against your vulva for deep, broad stimulation throughout your body. The slight point at the top allows you to focus sensations where you love it best — like on your clitoris. Even better, you can use the We-Vibe mobile app – with or without a partner – to play in a different way.

Delicious Tingles

Another toy that fits against your vulva and clitoris, the Fifty Shades Darker Delicious Tingles vibrator might do it all. It vibrates, pulsates, and escalates with eight patterns and 12 speeds. It doesn’t matter if you’re fantasizing about your own personal Christian Grey or you’ve got a real life version in your relationship. This vibrator will make you feel good where you need it most.

Tongue Twister

Tongue TwisterDo you love receiving oral sex? Like…really love it? If you’re not getting as much oral sex as you’d like or you’re looking for a unique sex toy, the Tongue Twister vibrator is one to consider. Give yourself the stimulation you crave most – or give your partner’s tongue a break for a few minutes – and get yourself off with a tongue you can enjoy whenever you want it.

Keri Purple Vibrator

There are some vibrators that can be used in a lot of different ways. The Keri by Svakom isn’t one of those sex toys. Instead, it’s designed to show your clit plenty of love with its wide, flat head. With five intensity levels and five vibration settings, you can find the perfect stimulation for your body. The soft silicone feels nice in your hand and on your vulva. It’s waterproof and not too big, so take it with you wherever you prefer to get off.


From deep rumbling vibrations to the lighter, buzzier kind, there’s a vibrator out there to make your vulva and clitoris feel good. But first you’ve got to find it. Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day present to yourself or a partner or you simply want a different kind of wank, look for vibrators that can give you the exact kind of pleasure you want.

Have you tried any of these vibrators before? Will you try them? Which one? Let us know below!

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