8 Sexy Games You Can Play In and Out of the Bedroom

Sex is supposed to be fun. It can be easy to forget when you spend so much time looking for a willing and interesting partner. Once you find them, it’s even easier to fall into a sexual rut. You figure out what the other likes what you like together, and that’s what you do. All the time.

If your sex life is getting a little boring, it may be time to shake things up. Sex games are a great way to find your mojo again – or for the first time.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare might have scared you when you were younger. Teenagers can come up with some gross things to try as well as invasive questions. You’re all grown-up now, and it’s time to try a sexy or kinky version of the old classic. It can quite literally be anything you want. When your partner says, “Truth!” ask about their secret desires. When they take the dare, get them to do something straight from one of your erotic fantasies.

Meeting For the First Time

If you’re up for a bit of roleplay, why not meet again for the first time? Set up a “blind” date at a local bar, nice hotel, or upscale restaurant. When you arrive, put the moves on your partner and see if you can seduce them in new and interesting ways again. Bonus: If you meet at a hotel, you can take the seduction upstairs and have great hotel sex later.

Naked Twister

This isn’t your teenage game of Twister for sure. Get naked with your partner or maybe some willing potential partners and start playing. Nothing breaks the tension like a breast or pair of testicles in your face or against your body. When one of you falls out of position, you can laugh, and then get twisted in a completely new way.

Adult 7 Minutes in Heaven

Anyone else remember the old game of 7 Minutes in Heaven? Back in the day, you were probably too awkward, sweaty, and nervous to do much more than kiss or fondle each other for a moment. Now you can go as wild as your closet will let you. Of course, you’re an adult now so hopefully you’ve got something bigger than the dark, musty closet of your childhood.

Blind Man’s Bluff

There’s no rule that either of you have to be a man for this one. Get your partner naked, in or out of the bedroom, and blindfold them. What you do next is limited only by your imagination. Drive your partner wild with your tongue, your hands, or whatever toys you have. And when you’re done, switch roles if that appeals to you.

Roll the Dice or Play Some Cards

You don’t need a special game for this one, although they are available. You can get something like Oral Sex Dice or Choose Your Pleasure if you want. Or you can grab some dice from an old game and set the rules. Land on an even number, take off a piece of clothing. Land on doubles, perform oral sex. Or play a game of old-fashioned War except whoever has the highest card can tease you until you’re begging for more.

Sexy Board Games

Board games aren’t just for kids these days. Sure, you can find games for adults, but you have to look a little harder for the sex games. Try Sexopoly – Monopoly for the adult industry. Maybe you want more teasing and pleasing in your game? Orgasmixxx is all about the pleasure and seeing who can hold back their orgasm until the very end.

Fifty Days of Play

Fifty Days of Play is a game straight from the world of Fifty Shades of Grey. This is an excellent choice if you’re interested in trying out kink but aren’t sure how your partner feels about it yet. From the Virginal White level all the way to Seductive Black, you’ll get to try out all kinds of erotic fun with your partner. Not a bad way to find out just how far they’re willing to go or how kinky they can get. The pressure is off because it’s “just a game.”


Any game can be turned into sexy fun. Play Scrabble and set the rules so that the loser has to do something sexy and erotic. Strip poker is an old standby that never loses its appeal. The point is to bring fun and energy back into your sex life. Sex games are a great way to reconnect, share your desires, and explore your fantasies together. If you end up naked and sweaty in bed together later, that’s always good too.

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Infographic for 8 Sexy Games You Can Play In and Out of the Bedroom

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