7 Sex Swing Positions to Try Tonight

You bought a sex swing, set it up, and now you’re at a loss. What do you do with it? How do you have fun in new ways? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Check out these seven sex swing positions that you can try tonight!

Standing Sex

The most common sex position for sex swings is for the penetrating partner — with penis or dildo — to stand while the other sits in the swing. It’s as simple as sitting down, sliding your legs through the side holes, and letting the swing’s movement open your legs for penetration. You can do this with anal if you enjoy a missionary position during anal sex in a bed, too. The partner sitting in the swing may simply need to lean back more. The other partner stands, grabs hold of your hips or the straps, and uses the swing for thrusting leverage.

Oral Sex

The nice thing about oral sex in a sex swing is that the partner giving oral can do it in any position that works best for them — standing (bent over), kneeling, or sitting. The partner receiving oral sex sits back in the swing just like you did for standing penetrative sex. Slide your legs into the holes and let the movement of the swing spread your legs wide. Your partner and their tongue can now get busy.

See-Saw Swinging

Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly like a see-saw because you’ll both be much closer to each other, but it is great for penetrative sex, with a dildo or penis. The penetrating partner sits down in the swing and puts their legs through the side holes. The partner being penetrated climbs on top with their legs over your partner’s pelvis, so that you’re facing each other. You’re as up close and personal as you can get and having sex sitting up. Use the movement of the swing to add sensations and thrust to your sexy fun.

Note: Make sure your sex swing is properly anchored before trying this position and that it’s made to accommodate your combined weight.

Review Cowgirl or Cowboy

Great for anal or vaginal penetration, you’re taking an old favorite out of bed and putting it in the middle of your sex swing. It’s a lot like see-saw swinging, except the top partner faces away — just like in reverse cowgirl. The penetrating partner sits in the swing but allows their legs to dangle free, ideally with their feet firmly on the ground. The partner being penetrated sits down on top of the dildo or penis. Use the swing for leverage or let your bodies do most of the work, whichever suits you best.

Doggy Swing Style

Another standing sex position, this time the partner being penetrated doesn’t sit in the swing, they lie in it. Lean forward over the swing so that your stomach is in the seat. You can bend as far forward as you’re comfortable with. If you want, lift your legs behind you. The penetrating partner can use the swing to add extra leverage for each thrust in and out. You get the fun of doggy with a lot less strain on your knees.

Swinging 69

Again, this position requires that your sex swing be properly anchored and be able to accommodate your combined weight. The advanced level option for this move is for one partner, typically the larger or heavier of you, to lie back in the swing so that their head and butt are supported on the pads. The other climbs on top, positioning mouth to genitals, and you go at it!

If that’s a bit too much, you can always skip the top part. Have one partner lie back in the swing, with feet firmly on the floor. The other partner can stand and lean over so that mouths and genitals line up.

Fidget Spinner

This one may feel like an advanced level position, but you’ll be much closer to the ground so it’s easier than you realize. Lower your sex swing towards the floor — you may have to play with the level to find the right height once you’re in position. The penetrating partner lies on the floor facing up. The partner being penetrated sits in the swing and scoots back so your butt hangs off the swing. Keep your feet in the foot harness for balance and to hold yourself up. Now, lower yourself on your partner’s dildo or penis. They can either thrust up or you can control the action by moving your body — whichever feels best to you both!


Don’t be intimidated by a sex swing. It might look like a lot of straps and harnesses, but like many of Jack and Jill’s customers, once you get the hang of things, you’ll be swinging and sexing it up in no time!

Have you used a sex swing before? What’s your favorite position? Comment below and let us know!

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