7 Desires the Right Fleshlight Can Fulfill

If you’ve ever gone from mindlessly scratching your crotch and then found yourself wanking without really thinking about it, you’re not alone. Sometimes masturbation is just a habit that doesn’t need a reason. You felt like it, so you did it, no big deal. But sometimes you’ve got an urge, a desire, or a need to fulfill. The right Fleshlight might be exactly what you need.

Here are seven desires a good Fleshlight can help you experience.

Porn Fantasies

If you get hard just thinking about certain porn stars, chances are you’d have a great time with a Fleshlight modeled after them. Whether you’re into women or men, the sexiest adult stars usually have a Fleshlight made based on their body — vulva, butt, or mouth. From Stoya to Cody Cummings, whoever you’re into, you can indulge your fantasies with their Fleshlight and a video clip.

Curious About Vibrations

Seeking New Sensations

If you get tired of having the same kind of wank over and over again, Fleshlight may be your new best friend. Every model of Fleshlight offers new sensations and features. Each one has a different opening and a unique texture within the sleeve. And just when you think you’ve tried it all, you can customize your toy — pick the canister, the opening (vaginal, anal, or mouth), and the sleeve texture.

Curious About Vibrations

Not interested in holding a bright pink vibrator against your junk but still want the benefits of vibrations? Fleshlight Vibro needs to be on your shaft and in your life. It’s better than that moment when your partner hums while going down on you. Well, maybe it’s not quite as good, but it’s a close second. Fleshlight Vibro includes three bullet vibrators which packs a powerful and sexy punch when you want to jack off.

Banish Boredom

Okay, so being bored isn’t a desire, but when you’re ready to stop being bored, your Fleshlight will be there for you. Especially if you have more than a single model to use. Done watching TV but don’t want to get up or do anything productive? Grab your stroker. Know you should shower, but don’t feel motivated? Bring your Fleshlight with you and tell yourself you can clean up when you’re done. Bored but don’t want to put on pants? Masturbate with your Fleshlight. We’re not saying Fleshlights cure all forms of boredom…we’re just saying it’s worth a shot.

Blowjob Fantasies

Blowjob Fantasies

When you love blowjobs, there’s no such thing as too many, but there’s definitely such a thing as not having enough of them in your life. Whether you’re between partners or your current bae can’t or won’t provide the BJ you’re craving, grab your Fleshlight instead. They’re not all tight vaginas waiting for you to tear them apart. Some Fleshlights are full lips, tongues, and deep throat fun to let you indulge every blowjob fantasy you’ve got.

Anal Fantasies

If what you’re really craving is a tight opening and something that feels a bit dirty, anal is a great option. But when you don’t have a willing booty backed up to your dong and ready to go, what do you do? Grab a Fleshlight modeled on a tight anus, that’s what! You get the overwhelming squeeze you crave and the realistic feeling of Fleshlight material. Let your imagination go wild and don’t forget the lube.

Last Longer

It might not be something you want to admit to anyone, but if you wish you had more stamina during sex, a Fleshlight could help you with that, too. Stamina Training Units like the Lady Stamina are designed to give you the sensation of sex with a real person. Use it often enough, and you’ll grow accustomed to the sensations and be less likely to get off sooner than you (or your partner) would like. This also means you can consider your masturbation habit a form of training. Do your friends want to know where you are? Just tell them you’re working out and training hard.


If it seems like there’s a Fleshlight for everything, you’re paying attention. From highly customizable options to strokers that can be used in multiple ways, no matter what you’re craving, there’s a stroker for you. Whether you just want variety in your strokers or you have specific desires to fulfill, the right Fleshlight can get the job done and in a way that makes you feel amazing. At Jack and Jill Adult, you can find a Fleshlight or any sex toy to fulfill your biggest fantasies.

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Infographic for 7 Desires Your Fleshlight Can Fulfill

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