6 Ways to Shake Up Your Solo Sex Routine

May is Masturbation Month! What better way to celebrate than by suggesting some ways to shake up your solo sex life? If you find yourself stuck in a rut, here are six suggestions of ways to extend, change, or shake up your routine.

Set the Mood

Setting the mood for solo sex is just as important as setting the mood for partnered sex. What works for getting in the mood varies from person to person. Some ideas to get you started include setting up a soundtrack, playing with mood lighting, wearing clothes that make you feel confident, or reading or watching something that turns you on.

Have Solo Sex in Front of a Mirror

If you’re not used to watching yourself, masturbating in front of a mirror can have a huge impact on your experience. A full-length mirror gives you a view of yourself you’re not used to. It also lets you check yourself out. You might even get turned on by seeing yourself turned on, creating an arousal feedback loop. You don’t have to start your mirror solo session by getting straight to it. If jumping straight into masturbating seems daunting, try wearing an outfit that makes you feel sexy and slowly start stripping down.

Experiment with Sensual Touch

Instead of going straight in to using a sex toy or touching your genitals, play with other kinds of touch. While products like massage oils and candles are often marketed for couples to use, you can use them on yourself, too.

Outside of oil and candles, there are countless ways to play with sensation and touch, so get creative! Maybe you want to gently rub a feather on your skin, or maybe you want to place an ice cube on yourself. Experiment and see what feels right for you!

Try Some Solo Kink

Kink and BDSM are often thought of as activities to do with other people, but kinks exist when you’re alone! While some kinky play may be harder to enact without a partner, other kinks translate very easily into solo play, and others can be played with solo with some adjustment.

  • If you enjoy rope bondage, try self-tying. 
  • If you like spankings, it may be difficult to spank yourself on the butt. Try slapping your thighs instead, with your hands or a kinky toy like a paddle. 
  • Dominance and submission are a bit more difficult to play with solo, but there are ways to do so. If you’re into denial, try setting a time you have to use a sex toy without orgasming.

Bear in mind that some kinks — like breath play or certain kinds of bondage — may be dangerous to engage in without a partner.

Experiment with Positions and Locations

If you usually masturbate in a particular location and position, changing either one of these (or both!) can be an effective way to shake up your solo sex. Instead of solo sex in your bedroom, try it in the living room or bathroom. (Waterproof vibrators can be excellent for this). Instead of lying on your back, try squatting over a sex toy and riding it, or getting down on all fours. Sex furniture helps if you struggle with holding these positions.

Use a Different Kind of Sex Toy

It’s not uncommon to get attached to our favorite sex toys, but using the same toy, in the same way, gets old. Trying a new sex toy brings something new to the table.

No space in your budget for a new sex toy? Use a toy you already own in a different way. For example, if you normally use a bullet vibrator on your clitoris, try it on your nipples. Instead of using a dildo for penetration, you might want to try other ways to enjoy your dildo. And if you usually use a vibrating penis ring for partnered sex, try using one for sensation during solo play.


While it’s easy to become stuck in a masturbation routine once you find one that works for you, it can also be exciting to try new things. It’s fine if you don’t adopt a new solo sex habit permanently. Like partnered sex, trying new things during solo sex to keep things fresh is important.

What do you do to make masturbation new and exciting again? Let us know down in the comments!

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