6 Things Experts Want You to Know About Using Butt Plugs

Using a butt plug can be a great way to get kinky or just another way to experience sexual pleasure (or both!). Playing safely is very important when using a plug or trying any other kind of anal play because the anus and rectum are sensitive parts of the body.

Before you stick anything up your butt, make sure you keep these key tips in mind.

Butt Plug Shape Matters

Butt Plug Shape MattersAll butt plugs should be tapered at the tip for easy entrance and have a wide base at the bottom so it can’t get sucked up your rectum. (Yes, this can happen.) But some people struggle to keep their plug from falling out. JC Ways, sexpert at SexToyCollection.com, advises you to “look for a plug with a skinny neck at the bottom. A thin neck allows your anus to close over the main body of the plug, keeping it in place more effectively. Plugs with thicker necks tend to fall out because the anus can’t close properly.”

Start with Small Butt Plugs

No matter how exciting the idea of trying anal might be, you always want to start small. The more you play with a plug, the easier it is to move up in size over time. Heather Claus, founder of DatingKinky.com says, “I recommend starting with a butt plug with a small circumference (about the width of a large finger or thumb at its widest point). Wearing a plug for a few hours or all day can really relax the muscles, even if it is not very large. Once that size feels comfortable, buy larger or you can buy a butt plug kit with a few graduated sizes, and start off with everything you need.”

Pay Attention to How You Feel

Pay Attention to How You FeelContrary to popular belief, anal doesn’t have to hurt, and if done correctly, it shouldn’t cause pain at all. Once your butt plug is inserted, Claus advises paying close attention to how you feel. “Be alert for symptoms of discomfort. Pay attention to body responses such as pain, numbness, or tingling (like pins and needles) in any of the following areas during or after butt play or plug wearing. This includes the glutes (buttocks), backs of thighs, perineum, or the genital region. These are your body’s warning signs of potential damage due to restricted blood flow or nerve damage.”

Know Your Butt Plug Objective

What you want to get from your butt plug experience will be determined by what you’re trying to achieve, says Claus. Are you training your anus to handle penetration or do you want to feel full? “Plugs designed to make you feel full have a thicker main body, especially in comparison to the ‘neck’ leading to the flared base. Once they are in, your sphincter will constrict around the narrower area, to both hold the plug in and relax from the strain of accommodating the full width.”

As for anal training, the butt plug you want to use is a bit different. Claus continues, “Training plugs, however, will have a wider ‘neck’ area to keep your sphincter dilated, training it to relax and get used to being more open than a sphincter would ever be, except when evacuating the bowels. Often, plugs for training will come in a kit, with graduated neck widths, to work yourself up to the larger size bit-by-bit.”

Advanced Level Butt Fun

Advanced Level Butt FunUsed all the tiny butt plugs you can find? Want more of a challenge? Ways suggests trying something that lets you control the size yourself. “If you’re looking to experiment with more advanced butt plug play, try an inflatable butt plug. These toys can be inserted when they’re small and slowly pumped up to a larger size, making it easier to get large anal plugs inside you. They usually come with a quick-release valve, too.”

Use the Right Lube

Lube is a must in any anal fun you have, but the right kind of lubricant makes all the difference. “Oil-based lubes are the longest lasting of all lubricants, so they’re ideal if you want to wear a butt plug all day. Just remember that oil-based lubes aren’t compatible with latex toys or condoms. You should reapply lube throughout the day regardless of type,” advises Ways. Water-based lubricants are perfect if you’re using a condom or your toy is made of soft materials like jelly, rubber, TPE/TPR, and even silicone.

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One bad experience with a butt plug or any anal play can have you thinking it’s not for you. Take the stress out of this sexy and fun activity by making sure you’ve got the right sex toys, products, and methods as you experiment with pleasure.

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