6 Stay-at-Home Date Ideas to Try While You’re Social Distancing According to Experts

Whether you’re social distancing out of choice or you’re in a local or statewide lockdown, staying home isn’t always fun. The days all meld together and your partner’s idiosyncrasies (once considered cute) now annoy you. Don’t let your relationship or sex life suffer any more than it has to during this time.

Give yourself something fun to do and inject fun into your relationship with these expert-approved stay-at-home date night ideas!

Go to the Museum, Virtually

Go to the Museum, Virtually“Pick one or two museums, either local or in a faraway location, that you’ve always wanted to visit, and then to do a virtual tour together,” advises life coach Stacy Caprio. “Most museums are currently offering virtual tours, even if they have not in the past, including big names such as the Louvre, so you should be able to find a museum that you’ve been wanting to visit.”

Have a Fancy Dinner

Take your typical dinner at home to a new level, advises wedding planner Megan Papageorge. “Dress up the table, dim the lights, surround the room with candles, put dinner on real plates, turn on a romantic playlist, and most importantly dress up. Dig in the back of your closet to the bridesmaid’s dress you only wore once, grab a dinner jacket and bow tie, spritz some perfume, curl your locks, and put on your gaudiest jewellery. Spend the night eating slowly, sipping wine, and talking about the finer things in life. Chat about art, music, travel, things that inspire you, and dreams you don’t usually have time to marinate on.”

Fashion Show Closet Cleanout

Fashion Show Closet CleanoutBeing stuck at home has turned many of us into tidiers, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. “Take turns trying on clothes that have been at the back of the closet. Make three signs – Keep, Sell and Donate. Model three outfits you’ve been holding on to but not sure you want to keep and let your partner decide it’s fate!” says Papageorge.

Play the 3-Minute Game

This game can be sexual or not, depending on your mood, according to sex coach Kristine D’Angelo. The game is very simple. Each partner takes turns asking the other two questions: how do you want me to touch you for three minutes, and how do you want to touch me for three minutes? After you take your turn, you say thank you and you’re welcome to each other.

“When your partner asks this of you, ask yourself, “Is this something I can give with a full heart?” There are no judgements when your partner asks you to touch them or cradle them or whatever they come up with.  This is their chance to express their desires to you. You have the option to say no, I’m really not feeling like having that done to me right now. Then your partner will redirect their desire and try something new.”

Play What’s in the Jar

Play What’s in the JarD’Angelo offers another activity that can get your creative juices flowing: What’s in the Jar. “You need a glass jar, small strips of paper, writing utensils, and ideas for activities. To get ready for this ongoing activity you’ll need to create the activities you’ll pull from the jar.  You’ll each write down your ideas on little pieces of paper, not seeing what the other wrote to add an element of surprise day-of the activity. When you’re feeling like you need some connection you can initiate playing by saying, ‘Want to play what’s in the jar?’” explains D’Angelo.

Be Your Own Two-Person Book Club

If reading is your thing, it doesn’t have to be a completely solitary activity. Relationship expert Sonya Schwartz at HerNorm.com states, “In this pandemic, you have much more time for your personality development via reading constructive stuff. You both can read the same book at the same time and share your learning as well as different perspectives with each other. It not only widens the scope of your learning but also connects you both deeply.”


Finding something to do at home, especially when you’ve already been stuck there for weeks, might not feel easy, but that’s what expert advice is for! And we have a tip to share too. If you want to plan a bit of sexy fun, do some online adult toy shopping together. Add it to your shopping cart for later or check out right away. Half the fun is browsing and talking about the fun you can have together.

Will you try any of these ideas? Do you have your own ideas to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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