6 Sexy Lingerie Looks to Wow Your Partner

Got a special date night planned? Want to make your partner drool and desperate to get you completely naked? Sexy lingerie that you love will definitely get their attention and keep the focus on your mutual pleasure.

Surprise your partner at the door. Give them a striptease when you get home. Or just give them a pleasant surprise once the clothes start coming off. With the right lingerie, you’ll feel and look amazing and your partner can show their appreciation in all kinds of sexy ways.

Fishnet Dress or Stockings

Fishnet anything is hot as hell. Technically you’re completely covered but not really. Parts of your skin are easily accessible as are other sensitive spots. Fishnet dresses hug all of your curves and fishnet stockings make your partner’s eye travel up to where you need the most attention. With enough encouragement, their hands – and tongue – may follow.

While black fishnet is the most common option, you can find a dress or stockings in multiple colors like white, red, pink, and more. And yes, plus size fishnets are available. Rock those curves!

Bondage Lingerie

Feeling a little kinky but don’t know how to tell your partner? Bondage lingerie like the Rene Rofe Play Bondage Teddy might clue them in. This kind of sexy wear is strappy and leaves your body exposed for all kinds of pleasure. Because your breasts will definitely be available for kinky fun, this might be the night to try a set of nipple clamps.

You can find it in leather, faux leather, satin, and many other materials. Black is the most popular color, but not your only option.

Garters, Stockings, and High Heels

It might be cliche, but it works. Standing in front of your partner in nothing but stockings, garters, and heels, you’ll have all of their attention. Keep the heels on while you have sex or pull out the vibrator, or make your partner beg and drool as you slowly ease each stocking down your leg. They’ll be ready for anything after that.

Nylon stockings and garters come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Many are made to be worn with your everyday clothes so no one has to know what sexy thing you’ve got on until you decide to show them.

Open Bust Bustier or Corset

Bustiers and corsets are fun and beautiful. They accentuate your natural curves and put many people in a very kinky frame of mind. Choosing an open bust style makes it that much sexier. Not only are your breasts lifted and accentuated by your lingerie, they’re also bare for your partner. Pair this with the garters, stockings, and heels, and your partner might need help breathing once they see you!

Corsets and bustiers come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Some are more like halters and only accentuate your breasts while others cover your entire torso and include a g-string, providing more coverage. You can find them in every size and color.

Bra Sets

Bra sets seem like a basic thing, don’t they? Most women wear bras and panties every single day without thinking about them. Whether you want something sexy and pretty for yourself or you want to make your partner’s jaw drop, bra sets are a great option. Not only can you wear them to work or out on a date, they become your sexy look when you’re ready to get naked.

Choose something functional, sexy, or both. Some bras are sheer or cupless to make your intentions obvious. Panties can be a g-string, boyshorts, or something cheeky. Slip into whatever makes you most comfortable.

Kimonos and Robes

If the feeling of satin on your skin makes you feel amazing, you need a sexy kimono or robe like the Baby It’s Cold Outside Satin Robe and Panty set. What you wear underneath is completely up to you. Add another layer of lingerie to give your partner something else to enjoy or go completely bare so that once you open your sash, you both have full access to pleasure.

You’re not stuck with one style or color when you choose a satiny robe. Long robes that trail after you might make you feel like a glamorous movie star from the 50s. Short robes give you both easier access to all your sweet spots. Pick the color and style that suits you best.


You don’t have to wait for a sexy date night or even a special occasion like Valentine’s Day to get dressed up in your favorite lingerie. Wear it because it makes you feel good. Surprise your partner with something new and strut your stuff, even if you’re not completely sure of yourself yet. Spend enough time in the right kind of lingerie, and in no time, you’ll have plenty of confidence and know just how sexy you really are.

If you want to let your partner know that they should try these styles or you found this helpful, share our infographic below!

Infographic for 6 Sexy Lingerie Looks to Wow Your Partner

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