6 Amazing Positions for Better Anal Sex

For some people, anal sex is completely taboo and for others, it’s the hottest thing they can imagine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a strap-on and your favorite dildo or you’re using what nature gave you. When both you and your partner enjoy some good booty love, it leads to hotter sex, in general and, potentially, greater intimacy.

The problem, though, is that anal sex has a reputation for hurting so much people never want to try again. There are a lot of reasons for this including what position you try while you’re doing the booty bump and grind.

For some people, a hard pounding in doggy style feels good, but for a lot of other people, not so much. If you’re looking for an anal sex experience that feels good, try one of these six positions instead.

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn PositionIf it sounds like you’re about to climb a mountain, you’re not completely wrong. Pile a bunch of pillows in front of you or stack some cushions. As the receiving partner (you know, the one who’s about to get that dong in the booty), lean over a bit and put your hands on the pillows or cushions. You can stand against the bed or kneel on it. Spread your legs (or knees) wider than your hips. You’re not bent over all the way which provides a different angle of penetration. As your partner penetrates you, you get to have more control over how fast, hard, or deep they go.

Lap Dance

You can give your partner an actual lap dance first, if you want, but this position is really about some fun in your butt. Whoever is doing the penetrating needs to sit in chair. The receiving partner (we’ve been over that – you’re the one getting the schlong), sits on your partner’s lap, facing away from them. Basically, your back is against their stomach. As the receiving partner sits or “dances,” they control the speed, depth, and force of everyone’s anal sex fun.


Spooning PositionSpooning is a fun position whether you’re trying anal or vaginal penetration. For anal sex, though, the purpose is to help your body relax even more. If you’re too tense, anal might not even happen, let alone feel good. Lay on your side with the receiving partner on the inside as the “little spoon.” You can try this with your legs stretched out or curled up into each other, whichever is most comfortable. It’s an intimate position that also gives both partner’s access to the little spoon’s body for other forms of orgasmic fun.


Poor missionary gets such a bad rep for being the boring position. Some people call it too vanilla for their kinky tastes. It’s a great position for extra intimacy, and anything can be kinked up if you’re willing to get creative. Like turning missionary into an anal sex position. To give yourself a better angle, place pillows or a wedge under your hips. You might find this little change is good for both anal and vaginal penetration.

Cowgirl (or Boy)

Cowgirl (or Boy)Do you notice a pattern here? That’s right, any position used for vaginal penetration is fair game for anal sex. You can face your partner or reverse it. The point is to find a position that feels good for you both and gives the receiving partner more control. Part of what makes anal sex so painful is that the penetrating partner moves too fast or goes too deep sooner than the receiving partner is ready for. If you’re playing with strap-ons, another trick is to use a smaller dildo, regardless of position.

Shower Sex

You can do this in or out of the shower, because it’s essentially just a standing sex position. How you position yourself all depends on how you and your partner match up, booty to rod. Most of the time you won’t line-up like your booty is a kinky bullseye. Lean forward a bit, arch your back, bend your knees, and hold onto something. If you try this in the shower, use a silicone based lube because it won’t wash off easily. You might have to use a different sex toy if you’re in the shower so you can use a lube that lasts. Water based lube rinses off way too easily for anal sex in the shower.


Finding the right position for great anal sex takes a bit of practice and experimentation. It doesn’t matter what porn stars do for the camera. You need to find what feels best to you and your partner. If you’ve got favorite sex positions for vaginal penetration, try them for anal. You never know how good it might feel. The bottomline (pun definitely intended) is to slow down, relax or help your partner relax as much as possible, and use lots of lube. After that, it’s all about finding what feels best for you.

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Infographic for 6 Amazing Positions to Have Better Anal Sex

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