5 Ways to Make Your Valentine’s Day Sexy and Fun

After you’ve exchanged sweet or silly cards, eaten lots of chocolate, and had a romantic dinner, what else are going to do with the rest of your Valentine’s Day? And if you’re single does that mean you’re left out of the fun? This Valentine’s Day, single or partnered, you deserve all the sex and fun you can handle.

Here at Jack and Jill Adult, we not only have the sex toys to make any night sexier, but we’ve got a few ideas on how to make the most of Valentine’s Day and any day ending in “y”.

1. Indulge Your Kinky Fantasy

You don’t need a special occasion to try your kinky fantasies, but if you’re looking for one, Valentine’s Day is a great place to start. Do you want to be blindfolded and teased with a vibrator? Tied down to the bed and tormented (in a good way) with nipple clamps, floggers, and more? Are you a bad boy or girl who needs to be punished? Share those fantasies with your partner and discover new ways to play and experience pleasure together. You never know where it will lead to next.

2. Go on a Roleplay Date

It might sound cliche, but a roleplay date can be a lot of fun if you’re able to let yourself relax. Meet your partner at a bar or restaurant and try to pick them up or let them pick you up. Pretend to be someone you’re not, invent a fake backstory, and wear something sexy and daring. This is a night to be anyone you want to be. Sure, you both know you’re going home with each other, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun first. And if you’re into the moment, keep the roleplay going once you get home, too. Being someone different might give you the confidence you need to try something new in bed, too.

3. Play With Your Orgasms

This is sometimes called orgasm control, but think of it as play…for adults. One of you controls the other person’s pleasure. You can use a vibrator or any sex toy you love. Change the settings. Turn the vibrator up or down. Hold it in one place for as long as possible or move it around and keep your partner on edge. Tell your partner they’re not allowed to orgasm. Or find out just how many times they get off. If playing with control gets you excited, this is a great way to try it out. And if you’d rather give up control, you’ll learn exactly what being teased really feels like. Make it last as long as you want, as long as it’s fun and sexy for you both.

4. Indulge a Threesome Fantasy

Emphasis on fantasy, here. If finding a third partner isn’t an option, let your imagination and sex toys make it feel real. If you’re dreaming about penetration or blowjobs, a dildo makes a great substitute — and it never gets tired. Add a blindfold so you (or your partner) can’t see that it’s just the two of you. Use plenty of dirty talk to “tell” your partner what your third is going to do them. While your mouth is occupied in one area, let a sex toy add stimulation to another. Anal toys like butt plugs or prostate massagers add plenty of sensations so you can both be overwhelmed with pleasure.

5. Enjoy Solo Play

No date this Valentine’s Day? No problem! If you’ve got a good porn collection, plenty of erotica, or an active imagination, you can enjoy yourself just as much as any couple. Pull out all your favorite sex toys and set it up like a sexy buffet. Use multiple sex toys together. Try a clitoral vibrator and a dildo, a dildo and a butt plug, or a penis ring and a Fleshlight. The combinations are endless! This is your moment to sex it up and indulge in as much sexual pleasure as you can handle.


With a sexy someone or single, you can make Valentine’s Day (and night) a day to remember with a little imagination and the right sex toys. You don’t have to wait until next year to indulge yourself. Pull out these ideas or come up with your own sexy way to play whenever you need a little excitement — or just because you can!

What do you do to make Valentine’s Day special? Share with us in the comments below!

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