5 Ways to Increase the Size of Your Penis

You hear it all the time, and you want to believe it. “Size doesn’t matter.” Except, for some people, it clearly does. When you have a smaller than average penis, you get rejected over it. You hear comments about size that, even though they’re not directed at you, still get to you. Maybe your own partner says they don’t mind…much.

It sucks. You know the size of your junk shouldn’t matter but you still want a bigger penis. If you’re looking for some way to increase your size, at least temporarily, you have options. Only one claims to be permanent but all claim to be effective.

Penis Rings

Cock RingsNot a traditional penis enlarger, most penis rings are sold as a way to get you harder and keep you that way longer. Anyone can use them to increase pleasure during sexual activity. They work by restricting blood flow in and out of the penis. Once you get hard, the penis ring acts like a grip, keeping you that way. Using a tight penis ring won’t give a lot of extra inches or girth. It does provide a bigger, thicker feeling for your partner. Choose a penis ring that offers additional vibration, and your partner may focus more on their pleasure than your size.

Penis Extensions

Using a penis extender or extension is a bit like putting a cap on your penis. The extension slips over the tip and down your shaft, adding up to two inches in length, and about .25 to .3 inches in girth all the way around. It’s a temporary fix that allows you to penetrate your partner more than you usually do. Look for penis extensions that are trimmable so you can control just how much extra length you can achieve. If you’re interested in trying a penis extension, don’t pretend to your partner that it’s anything other than something to make your penis bigger. Otherwise, things will quickly get awkward.

Penis Pump

Penis PumpAnother temporary option to increase the size of your penis, a penis pump uses vacuum suction to force more blood into your shaft. This not only increases your length but also the girth of your penis. To use a penis pump, place your penis in the cylinder. Use some water based lube around the edge that you get a better seal around the base and so it’s more comfortable to wear. Some pumps are manual and others are electric but begin the pumping mechanism. You’re done when your penis fills the vacuum pump or it becomes too uncomfortable to continue. Penis pumps aren’t just good for smaller than average penises. If you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, this may be able to help you, as well.

Penis Sheath

A penis sheath, like a penis pump, isn’t just for the small penises of the world. It’s a good alternative if you’ve got ED, too. It fits completely over your penis and is secured at your scrotum with a hole at the base of the sheath. It’s a little bit like wearing an artificial penis. You can find them in clear so your natural skin tone shows through or other colors like black to give yourself a completely different appearance. Like a penis extension, don’t act like you’re not wearing it. Talk about it with your partner so they’re not surprised and to avoid any awkwardness at your most intimate moment.

Penis Enlarger Kit

Penis Enlarger KitThe penis enlarger kit is the only option that might create permanent growth in your penis. Instead of temporary measures that can be removed or wear off after a while, penis enlarger kits use a system of rods to physically extend your penis while you wear it for a few hours every day. As a result, the cells in your penis actually divide and grow leading to modest growth. Based on near-daily use for a few hours a day, you may be able to achieve an extra half an inch in about four months.  Some users experience pain and discomfort which means you either need to stop using it or use it less frequently.


Not everyone with a smaller than average penis cares about how big (or not) they are, but if you do, it’s not easy to navigate dating, hookups, and relationships. Even people with average or above average penises sometimes want more than they’ve got. Feel free to try methods that are safe for you and your body, but treat it as matter of factly as you can. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

If you have a partner, they know how big or small you are. Acting like you’re not pumping up your penis or slipping on a sheath will only make things awkward. Let them know what’s going on and make it a fun part of sex instead of this thing you have to do in secret. Here at Jack and Jill we offer a wide variety of penis enhancers and pumps to help you achieve a size that makes you feel most confident.

Have you ever tried to get a bigger penis? How did it go? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Infographic for 5 Ways to Increase the Size of Your Penis

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