5 Tips for Bigger, Better Clitoral Orgasms

If your clit is the spot that needs the most love and attention before you can orgasm, you’re not alone. Figuring out all the ways you can get yourself off with clitoral stimulation can be a lot of fun — alone or with a partner. We have tips that you can try — with a vibrator and without — to give yourself more sexual pleasure.

Arouse Yourself Before You Begin

For some people, it’s quicker and easier to get semi or completely naked and rub one out. When you’re in a hurry or you just want a bit of relief and pleasure, this makes total sense. But if you’re looking for a bigger, better, more explosive climax, slow down a little and seduce yourself first.

You might picture a sexual fantasy that always turns you on. Maybe you read a bit of erotica — on your Kindle or online. Listening to audio porn or watching videos can be really arousing for others. Whatever turns you on, start there before you get naked and touch yourself. You might be surprised at what a difference it makes.

Touch Other Erogenous Zones at the Same Time

It’s tempting to focus on what works — touching your clit — when you want to get off. Of course, you should definitely do that, but if you want to draw out the moment and enhance your pleasure, give other parts of your body extra love, too.

  • Stroke or pinch your nipples.
  • Run your hands up and down your torso.
  • Ask your partner to finger you, touch your nipples, or run their hands up and down your body.

By increasing sexual stimulation in the rest of your body, you send a signal to your brain (and your clit!) that good things are coming. (No, we’re not sorry for that pun.)

Focus on Your Clitoral Hood

The clitoral hood covers your clit, protecting your clitoris in a similar way to foreskin on a penis. If you find that direct contact with your clit is overwhelming or even painful after a while, your clitoral hood may become your new best friend for an orgasm.

Some people find that stroking their hood helps prolong their pleasure, giving their body time to build to orgasm. You may also discover that by stimulating your clitoral hood instead of making direct contact with your clit, you can apply stronger stimulation longer and orgasm more often. This can be especially true if clitoral orgasms become painful after a while.

Use a Vibrator

Of course, we’re going to give you this tip, especially for people who mostly use their fingers and hands to get off. There’s nothing wrong with manual masturbation, but if you’re looking to increase the number and intensity of your orgasms, a vibrator can help.

  • Finger vibrators allow you to keep close contact with your body, working as an extension of your fingers and hand.
  • Wand massagers bring a serious buzz and stimulation that, for some, immediately amps up their pleasure.
  • Palm massagers sit against your vulva, spreading out the sensation, for a different type of orgasm.

There’s no single vibrator that works for everyone, so shop around and think about how much sensation you really want before you buy one.

Combine Multiple Pleasures

This tip goes beyond touching your other erogenous zones. You may use multiple sex toys or try this with a partner while you stroke your clit. The idea is to combine lots of pleasure into a single moment for a bigger, better orgasm.

  • Use a dildo, finger yourself, or ask a partner to finger you while you stroke your clit or use a vibrator.
  • Insert a butt plug or use beads for anal stimulation while you focus on your clitoris.
  • During sex with a partner — vaginal or anal — grab your vibrator and turn up the intensity on your clit.


It doesn’t take much to increase the intensity of your pleasure. A small touch here, a different setting on a vibrator there. But if you want to turn your orgasms into a completely different experience, combining different techniques, tools, and fantasies with what you already do helps. Try one or all of the tips to give yourself more pleasure and get off in a bigger way!

Will you try any of these tips? Does anything else work best for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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