5 Things You Need to Know About a Penis Pump

For some people, penis pumps are a medical device that helps them have penetrative sex. For others, a penis pump is a dirty little secret that they don’t want anyone to know about. One of those things is harmful, and we all know which one it is. Whether your penis pump is a tool or a fun thing to try in bed, it’s a legitimate sex toy option for people with penises.

If you’re considering a penis pump, here are a few things you should know. And if you have a penis pump, there’s no shame in your sex toy game. Enjoy yourself and pump on!

Penis Pumps May Help Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Penis Pumps May Help Erectile Dysfunction SymptomsA penis pump can’t cure your erectile dysfunction (ED), but it may help manage your symptoms. If you think you have ED, talk to your doctor. And if you’re on medications for ED, talk to your doctor about whether a penis pump is safe to use. But if you get the go-ahead to use one, you may find that you can have experienced a temporary or fuller erection with the help of a pump.

A penis pump uses air or water and suction power to draw blood into your penis. When coupled with a penis ring, this can keep you harder and for a longer period of time. You may also feel more sensations and pleasure because of the penis pump’s suction, as well.

Penis Pumps Temporarily Increase Size

Be leery of claims that a penis pump can help you grow three or four inches permanently. The vast majority of users only increase their size by a small amount, and then only temporarily. There’s nothing wrong with a temporary fix, as long as you’re prepared for it. Thinking you’ve found the solution to your small D problems, only to find that you’re still the same size the next morning can be disappointing and frustrating.

Size really shouldn’t matter, but sometimes the girth or length of your penis makes it difficult to enjoy certain positions or hit the right spot on your partner. A penis pump may give you both what you want during sex. Just be prepared for a return to your natural size later.

Penis Pumps Feel Good

Penis Pumps Feel GoodYou don’t have to be someone with a less than an average-sized penis or erectile dysfunction to enjoy penis pumps. The suction and increased blood flow feel good to a lot of people — and that’s reason enough to use one. You may feel more sensations than you’re used to while you pump, and your body may be really sensitive after. For a lot of people that makes sex and masturbation feel amazing.

If it feels good, makes sex better, or gives you a new way to get off, enjoy it. You don’t need a “reason” to use a penis pump, other than that you like using one.

Penis Pump Size Matters

The size of your penis doesn’t really matter. The size of your penis pump? That definitely matters. The base of the pump — the ring — needs to fit securely around your shaft. Too big, and you won’t get the suction you need or want. Too small, and you won’t feel pleasure, only discomfort. Check sizes on the penis pump you want before buying to reduce the chances of getting the wrong size.

Penis Pump Safety is a Real Thing

Penis Pump Safety is a Real ThingBelieve it or not, penis pumps can cause injury or be harmful if you don’t play safely. Yes, you could (potentially) “break” your penis or cause internal injuries if you’re not careful. Think about it — you’re using the power of suction to “force” blood into your shaft. While it’s relatively harmless for most people, there are still some risks.

  • Always use a penis pump that includes a vacuum limiter or some mechanism to release the pressure. Too much air pressure and suction could cause internal problems.
  • If you’re taking a blood thinner or any medication for ED, talk to your doctor before using a penis pump. Some meds don’t mix well with that much suction power.


Penis pumps are meant to feel good, add fun and spice to your sex life, and help with your size or erectile dysfunction concerns. But like anything, you need to find the right sex toy for your body, size, and needs. You don’t have to justify why you’re using a penis pump, but play safe, too. Find what feels good to you and have fun!

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