5 Things to Know About Tail Butt Plugs

Does your partner call you Foxy or Kitten? Are you intrigued by kinky elements of furry play? Love trying trying new types of butt plugs? A tail butt plug might be exactly what you need to take your sexy fun to a new level.

Before you buy your first (or next) tail, here’s what you need to know.

Butt Plug Rules Still Apply

Butt Plug Rules Still ApplyA tail butt plug might look and feel a bit different, but the basic rules of using a butt plug still apply.

  • Start with the right size for your experience level. Too big and it can cause injury and pain. Too small, and you’ll barely feel it.
  • Always use plenty of lube. You may need to be careful about getting lube into the hair or fur of the tail, but it’s still necessary. Don’t skip this part.
  • Choose a tail butt plug with a flared base. You definitely don’t want the plug or the tail getting stuck anywhere.
  • Take your time when inserting the plug. Anal doesn’t have to hurt, and if you take the process slowly, it usually won’t.

Keep Your Tail Clean

Depending on the tail you choose, the plug may be made out of silicone, metal, glass, or other materials. The tail itself may be made of silicone, synthetic fibers, or fur/hair of some sort. It all needs to be kept clean. The plug can be cleaned with soap and water or sex toy cleaner. If it’s made of silicone, glass, or metal, you can dip the plug into boiling water to sterilize it.

How you clean the tail depends on what it’s made of and the manufacturer’s instructions. Most tails can be wiped down, going with the grain, with a damp cloth and allowed to air dry. Real fur cannot be submerged in water, but synthetic material can. Either way, air dry your tail on a flat surface. The way you play when you wear it and how messy you get will determine how often you need to clean the tail, but always clean the plug when you’re done.

Choose from Multiple Types of Tails

Choose from Multiple Types of TailsImagine an animal with a tail, and chances are there’s a tail butt plug out there. Dog, cat, horse, unicorn, rabbit, pig, fox, you name it, someone’s made a butt plug for it.  Even within one type of tail, you’ll find plenty of variations in color, length, and material. You can stick to a specific type that you prefer or you can switch it up based on your mood or the type of sexy fun you want to have while you wear it.

You Don’t Have to be a Furry to Use a Tail Butt Plug

A “furry” in a non-sexual sense is someone who enjoys animal characters that look and act like people. In a sexy, kinky sense, a furry “becomes” this animal, exhibiting certain characteristics. It can be part of a power exchange thing (a type of dominance and submission) or it can simply be a fun way for a person to play — with or without sex.

While that’s fun or even necessary for some people, it’s not a requirement. Wear a unicorn or bunny butt plug because you like how it looks. Maybe it turns you on for no obvious reason. So yes, you can be a furry who wants to look and feel more like a specific animal. But you can also be someone who likes the feel of a swish on your butt once the plug is inserted.

Tail Butt Plugs Can Definitely Be Kinky

Tail Butt Plugs Can Definitely Be KinkyLove being called “kitten” and want to feel more like one when you get naked with a partner? Thinking of a role playing fantasy that involves pony play? Want to go down a new path in your kinky sex and explore pet play? Tail butt plugs are great for all of that and more.

But just as with regular butt plugs, they’re only as kinky as they feel to you. Wear your tail often enough, and it may start to feel almost “normal” which is okay, too. If they make you want to wiggle your butt or try new role play, have fun and enjoy the experience!


Tail butt plugs may intimidate some people because of the actual tail. They worry what it “says” about them or what wearing one means. It only means what you want it to mean. Using one leads to a different kind of fun — from sexual to playful to kinky. But treat your tail like any other butt plug and look for one that’s comfortable, safe, and something you can keep clean. Remember, using any butt plug is about enjoying new sensations!

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