5 Sexy Valentine’s Day Date Ideas To Turn You Both On

The holiday of love is nearly here, and if you’re freaking out because you don’t know how to make the day sexy and amazing for your partner, don’t worry. It’s Jack and Jill Adult to the rescue with ways to sex up and kink up your hot date. And yes, these ideas can be used any time of the year not just for Valentine’s Day.

Some surprises are fun – like dinner out or a present – but some are not. Before you pull some sexy moves on your partner, make sure they’re into it. A conversation at the beginning won’t ruin the mood but an unpleasant surprise will. Getting consent is sexy, too.

Stay In and Play

Skip the crowds, and ditch the reservation. You can go out any night of the week. If the idea of standing at the bar for two hours while your table gets ready turns you off, stay in and have fun. Order in or cook a simple meal together. For this date night, you’ll need your energy but a full stomach won’t be sexy.

Get naked, pull out your favorite sex toys – or gift your partner with something new to try – and start playing. Try out a fantasy you share or watch porn together. Masturbate side by side or use your fingers and tongues to get the other off. You have nowhere to be, and you’re naked. You can do whatever feels good to you!

Play in Public

Okay, maybe going out is a tradition for you or you know where to go to avoid the crowds. Bring your sexy fun out of the bedroom for the night. Find a sex toy with a remote control like a pair of vibrating panties or a wearable and discreet vibrator. Decide who’s in charge and use the remote to tease your partner all night long.

Take it as far as you’re both comfortable with. Bring your partner to orgasm or catch them off guard by turning it off and on. Can they play it cool when the server comes to the table? Will you “threaten” to hand the remote to the waitstaff and let them play? The unknown can be the hottest part about the whole thing. By the time you get home, you’ll be ready to do more than play.


Sexy lingerie can be for men or women to wear and enjoy for any reason. If you feel like it’s hidden away once you put it on and comes off too quickly when you’re ready for sex, slow things down. Either at the end of your sexy date or as part of your night in, give your partner a striptease and show off your sexy underwear.

Put on some music and start moving. You might feel silly at first but once the clothes start coming off, your partner won’t think you’re ridiculous. They’ll be ready to get their hands on you. Make them wait, and draw out the suspense, as you slowly get naked, piece by piece.

Kink Up Your Date Night

A lot of people think of kinky power and control as collars and leashes and the big stuff you can do in your bedroom. Adding an element of kink is often more subtle than that. All it takes is a little imagination, trust in each other, and, of course, consent.

  • Put your partner’s penis in a chastity cage and tease him all night to get and keep him hard.
  • Tell your partner not to wear panties or a bra while you’re out.
  • Have your partner remove their underwear during your date and bring it back to you at the table.
  • Masturbate in the bathroom at your partner’s request. Edge yourself to stay extra turned on.
  • Tease each other about inviting your server home with you at the end of the night. You don’t have to mean it for it to be sexy.

Make Out in the Car

In a perfect world, you’ll go out for your date and get away from responsibilities, obligations, and/or the kids for the night. But life doesn’t always work that way. If you’re stuck at home with no babysitter, go really old school. Make out in your car. Crawl all over each other in the backseat, parked in your own driveway or garage, like horny teenagers. Thankfully, when you’re ready to get naked, your own bed won’t be far away.


Valentine’s Day is only one day in an entire year to show your partner how much you care and how much you want them. Any date night can be made special and exciting with a little bit of effort.

What kind of sexy date night plans do you have for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

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