5 Sexy Date Night Ideas You Don’t Have to Put Clothes on For This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is treated like the one day a year couples express their love and sexual desire, and the only day of the year you can go out to dinner, apparently. Not every couple wants to celebrate with cards, candy, and a night out. Who wants to put on pants if you don’t have to? And, strong relationships express their love all the time, not just on a special day.

If you’re the type who’d rather stay in and show your partner exactly how you feel about them, Jack and Jill Adult can help you enjoy a night in this Valentine’s Day or any day of the year!

Mutual Masturbation

Ever heard of mutual masturbation? Simply put, you and your partner masturbate together instead of doing other sexy things you enjoy — oral sex, penetration, anal. They can watch you, you can watch them, or you can both do your own thing without watching each other. Pull out your favorite sex toy and get exactly the kind of pleasure you crave.

When you’re done, you might decide to explore your partner’s body or you may both be perfectly satisfied and ready for a cuddle. Focusing on your own pleasure together allows you to share a sexual moment in a new way with less pressure to perform.

Roleplay Fantasy

Do you and your partner get off on a certain amount of dirty talk or pretending to be someone you’re not? Valentine’s night is a great time to explore a roleplay fantasy. Technically, you can do this naked, but the right sexy costume might help you get into the mood.

There is literally no wrong way to do this. You can pretend to be strangers. One of you can be “bad” to get punished. Cops and robbers, prison guard and inmate, cowgirl and cowboy, characters from a movie, pirates and captives, Vikings — roleplay fantasies are whatever you want them to be.

Bondage Fun

If you’re into some kinky stuff, staying in can be a lot more fun than dealing with crowds and expensive meals. Use this night in to explore something you’re both curious about.  Tonight can be a night to tie your partner to the bed, give them a spanking, blindfold them and tease them with a vibrator, whatever gets you both turned on.

Talk about it before you begin and make sure both of you understand what will happen. If you really want to get into the kinky fun and “pretend” you want it to stop by saying, “No, no, no” when you mean, “Yes, yes, yes’ make sure you set up a safeword before you start.

Watch Porn on the Big Screen

Most of us are used to watching porn from a laptop, tablet, phone, or other small screen and usually in secret. Make tonight special and watch it on your biggest screen, probably your television. If you’ve got a smart TV, watching porn will be as easy as navigating the web.

Since this is a special occasion, look for good porn that you can both get into. You might watch it and then get busy with each other. Or you might forget all about the screen and focus on each other in the first few minutes. Either way, you’re winning.

Get Out of the Bedroom

Assuming you have your home all to yourself, don’t limit your sexy fun to the bedroom. Get naked on the dining room table. Ride your partner on the couch. Bend your partner over the kitchen counter. You can have sex in any corner of your home.

If you’ve never had sex outside of a bedroom, this may be an adventure you’ll want to repeat again and again. Look for solid surfaces to avoid breaking furniture. And if things get messy, make sure you clean up when you’re done, especially if you just got off in a place everyone in your home uses.


Valentine’s Day is whatever you make of it. If you like dressing up and going out, do you. But if that’s not your thing or you’d rather spend your money on other luxuries, make the night special by staying in. Clothes definitely aren’t required for this date night, but make sure you have plenty of lubricant and any sex toys you want to use. After that focus on your partner’s pleasure and make the evening special for both of you.

Pro tip: Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to do this. Make it part of your regular sexy routine, and you can have a better, stronger relationship, too.

Know someone looking for a date night idea that doesn’t involve spending money or leaving your house? Share our infographic below!

Infographic for 5 Sexy Date Night Ideas You Don’t Have to Put Clothes on For

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