4 Ways to Wait for a Sex Toy to Charge (Without Killing the Mood)

The mood is set. Candles flicker on the nightstand and music streams from the speaker. But, with a press of the ON button, your sex toy remains still: dead. Suddenly, there’s a 20-minute wait while you charge that old standby.

Sure, it’s simple enough to say, “Ditch the toy, use something else,” but we all have our favorite. Sometimes, you want some time with the top pick, so instead try these four ways to kill time while your sex toy charges.

Use Your Head

Use Your HeadIf your favorite toy is out of commission, let your mind do the work. Start ramping up the temperature with erotic media (whether audible, visual, or textual) and let your mind start warming up your body for the session ahead. If you’re with a partner, pick out content together or swap favorites as a way to introduce each other to what you’re into lately.

To level it up, use the extra time to practice some restraint. Limit the touching, of yourself or each other, while your clock counts down. Instead, let your head do all the work of ramping up your heart rate.

Whether you’re with a partner in-person or connected electronically, you can use the time to talk it out, too. In-person, practice your dirty talk by describing what you’re looking forward to in the session ahead or set the scene for a roleplay scenario you’ll carry on.

Electronically, take advantage of the limitlessness. Build a scene straight from your fantasies. But remember, with electronic communications of a sexual nature, make sure you’ve got consent. Even a long-term partner might not be ready for X-rated content without notice. Just a quick check-in works. Try “I’m waiting for my toy to charge, fancy keeping me company while I get in the mood?” breaks the ice and makes sure everyone is into it.

Slow Things Down

What better excuse for slowing the pace than killing time? Take that dead battery as a signal to take the scenic route. Introduce sensual touch whether on yourself or a partner. Use the very tips of your fingers to explore the contours of yourself or each other or try sensory play with other objects.

If you’re feeling more hands on, use the time for a massage. With a partner, take turns giving each other a proper rub-down. By yourself, spend time working out your own kinks. Oiling yourself up and rubbing your muscles down might not appear to be so erotic, but relaxing your body is a great way to improve your session.

Mix It Up

Mix It UpIf the star of the show is charging, bring in the alternate. But instead of moving ahead with your session with your second choice as a replacement, instead, use it as an appetizer. Pick an adult toy that has a slower wind up or is less intense to ease into your session.

Which toy is going to ease you into play will look different for everyone. Consider toys that feel good, but don’t get you off. That might be anal, sensory, or just plain different from your main squeeze. Whatever you pick, the more variation between your warm-up toy and the main dish, the more intense the transition will be.

Set the Scene

Last, if you can’t pull your mind away from the session ahead: don’t. Use the extra time to set the scene. With a partner, describe what’s ahead. Whether that’s dirty talking or more strategic planning is your choice, but use the extra time to prepare a satisfying scene.

By yourself, settle into the moment. If your toy needs a good chunk of time, dial it back and just relax. Take a bath, stretch, or do whatever makes you feel your best. A distracted mind or uncomfortable body are key distractions when masturbating, so create an atmosphere that dispels those.

Prepare your space. Find the perfect playlist. Pull out the sex furniture you might skip because it’s buried in the closet. Create the ideal atmosphere so that the moment your toy is charged, you’re ready for the best possible time.


However you do it, a bit longer to enjoy the company at hand, whether a partner or simply a well-built sex toy, isn’t really that bad. Relish the extra time to make the overall experience even better. But, when you’re done, put that sex toy on the charger!

What do you usually do when you want to play with a sex toy that needs to charge first? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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