4 Ways to Use a Penis Ring When You Don’t Have a Penis

Penis rings are, obviously, made primarily for penises. They’re designed to enhance erections, sexual pleasure, and orgasms. But that doesn’t mean penises are always required, especially when you use a vibrating c-ring. Whether your partner “loans” it to you during masturbation or you’re looking for a creative way to integrate sex toys into your relationship, there are a few ways to use a penis ring that don’t always require a penis.

Make It a New Finger Vibrator

Vibrating penis rings come in a variety of styles from small bullets to tongue-shapes to solid material designed to surround the clitoris in sensations. The “standard” use for this might be during penetrative sex, but it’s not the only way to play. Imagine using a beloved vibrating c-ring during masturbation, too.

Add It to Your Dildo

Hold it by the ring or loop that would normally sit around the penis. That’s your handle. Position the vibrating section on your clit or anywhere on your vulva or vagina that feels good. Finger yourself while it works your clit or not. Let your partner “drive” or use it for solo pleasure. Just like small finger vibrators, the penis ring can hit your most sensitive spots without being too noisy or obvious.

Add It to Your Dildo

Enjoy penetration with a dildo? Want to add extra stimulation on your clit? Sure, you can get a rabbit vibrator. But you can also use this sex toy hack! Place the vibrating c-ring wherever you prefer on the dildo. If you’re going in deep, put it at the base. If you prefer less penetration, bring it closer to the tip.

The flexibility to place the penis ring anywhere you want on the dildo is what gives it an edge over traditional rabbit vibrators. You can play alone for a masturbatory experience or you can make it part of your strap-on sex fun. The choice is yours!

Turn Your Vibrator Into a Rabbit

Turn Your Vibrator Into a Rabbit

The one thing a dildo can’t do is vibrate. If it could, it’d be called a vibrator, right? So take the last example and extend it to your favorite phallic vibrator that you use internally. When you add a vibrating penis ring to it, now you have a perfectly customizable rabbit vibe.

Put your main vibrator on the settings you prefer for internal pleasure. Set the c-ring on the shaft where it’ll actually hit your clit best (just like you can do on a dildo) and let the sensations send you over the edge. Again, this is great if you’re masturbating alone, letting your partner watch, or looking for a new way to incorporate sex toys into your sex life. Allowing your partner to set the pace, intensity, and duration of your vibrator fun will make it a completely new experience. It will also help them learn what kind of stimulation sends you over the edge.

Turn a Penis Ring Into an Anal Sex Toy

Let’s be very clear about one thing — the vast majority of vibrating penis rings should not be used for anal penetration. Unless it has a wide, firm ring and you trust yourself or a partner to keep a good grip on the ring, don’t stick it up your butt. It’s likely not safe for that. But as an external form of pleasure, a penis ring might be just what your booty needs.

As with all sex toys, your experience with this will depend on the shape and style of the vibrating penis ring and the kind of stimulation it provides — as well as how it fits against your body. You can use the c-ring on a dildo for strap-on or pegging sex. You can also hold it against your own body while you masturbate. Consider handing it to your partner while they go down on you — they may reach around while your ankles are wrapped around their ears. If the idea intrigues you, play around until you find the right position and penis ring.

Anal stimulation doesn’t automatically lead to anal sex. If you’re still trying to figure out what (if any) anal play you enjoy, this could be an easy to experiment.


Vibrating penis rings enhance sexual pleasure. Sure, most of the time, it’s penetrative sex with a penis and a vagina. But that’s only one way to enjoy yourself. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn a vibrating c-ring into a multi-purpose sex toy that works with the rest of your sex toy collection and your own self pleasure.

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever used a penis ring in a way that’s not “standard?” How did it work for you? Share with us in the comments below!

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