4 Ways to Play With a Penis Ring

Have you thought about getting a penis ring to try but aren’t sure if you need one or when you’d use it? Penis rings, like all other sex toys, are meant to be enjoyed. They’re an enhancement to your sexual pleasure, not a replacement for anything else. If you’re not sure how to play with a c-ring or why you shouldn’t consider it, here are just a few reasons.

Get Out of Your Routine

If you masturbate as some routine, boring habit you do when you can’t sleep, it’s probably time to switch things up. Adding a penis ring when you masturbate is a great way to get out of a rut. You’ll be harder and more sensitive in your own hand. It’ll take longer for you to get off, and when you do, it’ll be absolutely explosive. There’s a good chance that your ejaculate will spew further than you’re used to, so grab a towel or something for later.

Most importantly, though, a penis ring keeps your masturbation session interesting. Put it around the base of your shaft or your balls. Use one that offers additional stimulation or stick with the basics. You can even put on two at one time if you want to. It doesn’t really matter how you enjoy as long as you find what works for you.

Have Better Sex with Your Partner

There are two ways penis rings can be included in sex with your partner. First, you can have amazing penetrative sex with your partner — vaginal or anal — and last longer, feel harder, and explode when you come. Second, you can masturbate together (yes, that counts as sex, too), and spend a longer time enjoying the moment and each other.

It doesn’t matter how you enjoy sex with your partner, your penis ring gives you the chance to feel something different or try new things together. Surprise your partner with how hard you feel or how long it takes you to get off. If your partner has a vulva, consider getting a vibrating c-ring so that they can enjoy clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Instead of your penis ring being fun for one, it can be perfect for two.

Play with Orgasm Control

While a penis ring isn’t required for kinky fun with orgasm control, it can definitely help because it helps prolong your orgasm and make you much more sensitive. Pick your favorite form of orgasm control and have a good time.

Orgasm denial: Get yourself or a partner right to the edge of an orgasm — which takes longer and more effort with a penis ring — and then stop. That’s it. If you’re into it, it’s can be an amazing form of consensual “torture.”

Forced orgasms: It may take a lot more stimulation to force an orgasm so find a vibrator that feels good and turn it on. Penis rings tend to make your shaft more sensitive so this could get painful in a kinky way.

Edged orgasms: Edging is fun because you get yourself or a partner close to the point of orgasm and then back off the stimulation, and then get them back to the edge again, and back off again. Do it as many times as you can stand and once you come, it’s even more explosive than normal.

Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Some forms of erectile dysfunction (ED) can benefit from the use of a penis ring. If getting hard isn’t really the problem, but staying hard is, this might be the solution for you. Place your shaft or your testicles through the ring and allow yourself to become aroused — alone or with help from a partner.

Once the blood flows into your penis it should stay there longer and allow you to experience better sex — in whatever form — with your partner. Double up on your penis rings to further restrict blood flow. It may take some experimentation to find what will work for your level of ED. Always consult your doctor first, though, to make sure it’s safe for you.


Penis rings can add a lot of fun, pleasure, and satisfaction to your sexual life. Use it alone or with a partner for any reason you want. Even if you don’t care about or want to last longer or get harder, having more intense orgasms or simply trying something new and different are perfect reasons to slip one on. But if you do struggle with ED or simple boredom, penis rings might also be a great addition to your sexual pleasure.

Have you experienced other benefits of using a penis ring? Share your experiences down in the comments below!

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