4 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Sexy AF

It’s okay if you love the stereotypical Valentine’s Day tokens of affection. Things like chocolates, flowers, and a sweet card in a bright red envelope. It’s also fine if you’re tired of the typical and want to make this sugary sweet holiday sexier than in years past. Here at Jack and Jill Adult, we’re all about play and pleasure. We turned to the experts for tips to bring the heat to your Valentine’s Day celebration and your relationship.

Make Your Own Sex Tape

Okay, we’re going in on hot on this one. Anyone with a smartphone, no matter how old, has access to a camera, so recording yourself is easier than you think. According to Carmel Jones, relationship expert and founder of The Big Fling, “not only will it provide a sexy memory, but it can serve as future masturbation material.”

That’s right, you can relive the experience long after Valentine’s Day (or night) by watching your amateur porn over and over again. It might feel awkward the first time, but if you enjoy it, you can do it over and over again, any day of the year. And if it helps you both become more creative in bed, consider that a big win!

Role Play Your Sexiest Fantasy

Have you ever sexted a fantasy to your partner? You pretend to be someone else, in an exotic location, promise to do all kinds of sexy, kinky things to them. Valentine’s Day is a great time to put that fantasy into action with a bit of role play. Jones says, “Role playing can be a great way to break up the monotony within a couple’s sex life.”

Instead of having the same kind of sex — no matter how comfortable and unfamiliar — you’ll expand your horizons and make sure neither of you are bored. “To maximize the experience, I’d suggest going all into it by buying sexy outfits and getting fully into character during the experience,” advises Jones.

Shop for a New Sex Toy Together

An idea we recommend for any sexy date night is to head to your local adult store to buy a new couples sex toy. Think about what you’d both like to experience — kinky fun with floggers, blindfolds, or bondage; vibrations inside and out; anal play. Talk about it with your partner before you go to the store, so you’re both comfortable with the idea. When you arrive at the store, walk around, browse, think about how you can use the toys that catch your eye. And if you have questions, ask an employee for help.

Think of it as a kind of foreplay — by the time you get home with your new toy, you’ll be ready to get naked! “Couples who don’t [usually] frequent sex shops may feel as if they’re sharing a naughty secret together,” states Jones. Consider it a two-for-one, a naughty secret you share between you and a gift that keeps on giving long after Valentine’s Day.

Plan an Intimate Date Night In

We all lead busy lives, constantly on the go, answering emails late at night, planning the next thing we need to do, and desperately trying to fit it all into our overbooked schedules. “A busy schedule is one of the major culprits of any unhappy relationship,” states Chris Pleines, dating expert and founder of DatingScout.com. “To keep your relationship going, you need to make time for each other — time spent to be intimate, to be exact.”

While making time should be a year-round thing, Valentine’s Day is a great time to start. Put down your phones, and turn off notifications or at least put it on silent. Have a romantic dinner at home, and then get intimate. “Do this at least once a week after Valentine’s Day, and you’re sure to see an improvement in your relationship,” advises Pleines.


You shouldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to show your partner you love and lust after them. It’s better to find times for intimacy, sex, and romance all year long. But you have to start somewhere, and Valentine’s Day is a great way to bring the heat back to your relationship. Try any of these ideas, and make it a habit to bring sexy back to your life. Your relationship and sex life will thank you for it.

How do you make Valentine’s Day (or night) sexy AF? Share in the comments below!

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