4 Unique Ways to Turn Your Partner On

Once you’ve been together long enough, you know how to turn your partner on. Kiss them here. Touch them there. Stroke that spot. Pinch this spot. It’s nice, but after a while, it can start to feel routine – for both of you.

If you and your partner have found yourself in a sexual rut and are willing to try new things, there are plenty of other ways to turn each other on. And none of it requires using any of your usual moves.

Bring a Fantasy to Life

It’s hard enough for partners to admit their sexual fantasies to each other. If you’re fortunate enough that you know exactly what your significant other secretly wants, give it to them – as much as possible. Do they have a BDSM fantasy involving bondage and blindfolds? Set it up in the bedroom as an after dinner surprise. Would your partner like to be in charge during sex? Look them in the eyes, and whisper, “I’m yours to command.” If it fits the mood, get on your knees in front of them.

You really need to know your partner and have a clear idea of their fantasy before you try this. Also, timing is everything, so springing this on them when a kid has the flu or they have a big presentation at work isn’t a good idea. Pick your moment and surprise them in a good way. Your mutual pleasure and excitement are worth the wait.

Make the Mundane Sexy

Make the Mundane SexyWashing dishes, folding laundry, cooking dinner – adulting can be boring and exhausting, even on a good day. Break up the monotony, and turn those mundane moments into something that gets you both excited. Snap a towel at their ass – especially if you know your partner loves being spanked. Tell dirty little stories about what you’d like to do in the kitchen besides chop vegetables. Stop everything, push the laundry to the side, and grab your partner. Kiss, hug, fondle or more with them before finishing the laundry.

Anything that lets your partner know you want them sexually can be a turn on. Doing it when everyone’s mind is on very boring or tedious tasks adds an element of surprise. It’s also extremely intoxicating to know your partner is turned on watching you fold socks. Remind your partner how much they turn you on in these moments. It makes sex even more exciting and a lot less routine.

Clone Yourself

We all wish we could clone ourselves to get more done, but that’s not what we mean here. Going out of town for a few days? Are you in a long distance relationship for any amount of time? Would you just like to do something really random and unique? Give your partner the gift that keeps on giving and clone your penis or your vulva. No, seriously.

The Clone-A-Willy and Clone-a-Pussy DIY kits take crafting, home projects, and sex toys to a new level. Before you go to all the trouble to dip your junk in silicone, make sure your partner enjoys sex toys. Handing a bright-colored replica of your genitals isn’t the time to find out they hate dildos. But if they love toys, there’s a good chance they’ll be ready to play with you and your clone right away.

Enjoy Erotica Together

Enjoy Erotica TogetherErotica comes in a variety of formats from ebooks to podcasts to audio books. Listening to them together means you’ll both benefit from the same steamy parts. Reading erotica out loud lets you use words to your partner you might never normally say out loud. Throbbing shafts, sensitive nubs, and creamy loins conjure up sexy images in your mind and have a direct effect on your own shafts, nubs, and loins.

If you feel silly reading erotica out loud, look for audio books or just rethink your reading. Instead of picturing a fictitious character while you read, imagine your partner instead. As you get into it, your tone will change as a result, and the entire experience will feel more personal. Your partner will likely notice the difference and may be ready to jump you before you even finish the next chapter.


The smallest, simplest things can get both you and your partner in the mood. And sometimes, doing something completely out of character does the trick, too. Whether you want a unique adult toy or to fulfill a kinky fantasy, you can find new and exciting ways to turn your partner on. When you do, you’ll connect on a new level, increase the bond between you, and make each other feel good.

How do you like to turn your partner on? Will you try any of these tips? Let us know in the comments!

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