3 Awesome Sex Toys for Men

At Jack and Jill Adult Superstore, we’re all about making our valued customers feel great. And we know there’s no better way to feel great than by experiencing pure sexual pleasure. Here are some of our most popular, and effective, sex toys for men.

Sensuelle’s Sensual Homme Prostate Massager

Of all the things that the age of industrialization has done for you, batteries may be the most welcome. If that brings a smirk to your face, just wait until you get a load of the Sensuelle Homme Prostate Massager – a formidable-looking, vibrating exemplar of good feelings and erotic precision.

This smooth, dark and mysterious toy has three speeds and ten functions, through which it pulsates, vibrates and escalates you to a memorable frenzy. It’s made for men, but is just as suitable for women. It’s time for the fellas to learn what women have known for centuries –penetrative play has its merits.

Sensuelle Homme Butt Plug

As effective as it is naughty, the Sensuelle Homme Butt Plug lets you explore your wild side – just beware that it may be difficult to cage that wild side once it’s released! This toy’s silky-smooth tapered top goes in with a gasp of pleasure, and stays put until you’re ready for a break. Sturdy and powerful, its 20 functions have something for everyone, with enough distinct variability that it’s like having a dozen different instruments for butt play. Of course, while it feels wonderful, you don’t want it getting lost up there – that’s why the tapered base is such an important feature. The age of stigmas is over, so explore the full scope of your sensuality with this firm and responsive toy.

Lelo Billy

Lelo Billy is a fantastic little powerhouse toy for G-spot stimulation, lauded for the explosive orgasms it’s known to give. Gentlemen take note: Billy is the last stimulator you may ever need. With enough modes to make the interplay between owner and toy a continually evolving relationship, Billy needs no other partners – although three is most certainly not a crowd here! Start slow with one mode, and climb the breathtaking mountaintop of excitement that will leave you spent at the top.

Jack and Jill Adult Superstore has a fine selection of bedroom – or any-room, for that matter! – products that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Elevate the quality of your sex life to heights untold with these, and our other excellent, sex toys for men.

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