10 New Ways to Give Mind Blowing Orgasms

Imagine the kind of sex we could have if we focused 100% on our partner’s pleasure while they focused on ours. Jack and Jill believes there’s little room for dissatisfaction between the sheets when two people are giving it their all.

The following techniques for how to give the best orgasms are sure to elevate your bedroom game.

Giving a Man His Best Orgasm

1. Oral requires a lot of focus that often equates to one area being neglected, namely the guy’s testicles. Head should always include the stimulation of this sensitive area through licking, sucking or lightly caressing.

2. For harder, stronger erections, don’t discount the power of a vibrating penis ring. Not only will it give him a more intense orgasm, the attached bullets will get her off, too.

3. Men are visual creatures. The sexual partner who makes eye contact during sex, stop to play with themselves in the middle of the action, or kick things off with a sexy lap dance are guaranteed to make him come quicker.

4. Even if BDSM isn’t his thing, a man will hardly complain about his partner taking charge, from initiating sex to pushing him back and climbing on top.

5. A delayed orgasm is a strong orgasm. A man who has been teased with dirty texts or emails all day is one who is ready to unleash the moment he gets home.

Pleasing Your Woman through Climax

6. Foreplay is essential! Women appreciate quickies just as much as men, but outside of time constraints, she has to be warmed up.
7. Nice guys, trust us, she wants you to be dominant every once in a while. Pull her hair (correctly, by the way, always at the nape of the neck), grab her waist from behind and kiss her like you mean it.
8. Men would be wise to pay attention to women’s other erogenous zones: her back, legs, neck and breasts. Stimulate them while thrusting or working on her clit and she’ll explode.
9. Toys like the Muse Silicone Massager are always a hit. These massagers can be used over her labia and the bunny ears can rest on either side of her clit.
10. When going down on a woman, men can’t go wrong by using two fingers to penetrate her slowly. One of the quickest paths to climax is vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

Jack and Jill

Whether it’s surprising her with a clit massager toy or turning off the phone and surprising him with marathon sex for no particular reason, we at Jack and Jill have the supplies needed to give each other a mind-blowing orgasm.

Remember: enthusiasm, followed by technique, focus and a healthy dose of spontaneity will always result in great orgasms!

Will you try any of these tips? Comment below!

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