10 Fun Facts About Rabbit Vibrators

We’re living in the era of sex positivity, which is why sex toys are no longer the vast taboo they once were. Finally, we can talk about them, proudly proclaim we use them, and compare experiences with other open-minded individuals. 

That doesn’t mean all sex toys are as accepted by society as some of us would like. But one toy is so recognizable that it’s paving the way for all others. Of course, we’re talking about the rabbit vibrators, the toys that everyone and their mother has heard about (and probably used).

Because the rabbit vibrator is so present and beloved in popular culture, it’s one of the most favored sex toys. Even people who don’t use toys know about some of the rabbit’s incredible benefits to offer. 

The best rabbit vibrators, like Jill’s Handy Rabbit or the Happy Rabbit Clitoral Curve Vibrator, are luxury rabbit vibrators that can stimulate you in so many ways. They will change the way you think about pleasure. But did you know how the rabbit sex toy came to be? Keep reading to find out that and other fun facts about this beautiful sex toy!

Rabbits Have a Rich History

The rabbit vibrator with the classic bunny ears and the signature bright color is the first image that pops into many people’s heads when someone says “vibrator.” That’s only natural — the typical rabbit vibrator has a lot to offer. G-spot stimulation and external stimulation all in one handy USB rechargeable package? Sign us up!

However, the powerful rabbit vibrators came a long way between inception and our current rabbit vibes. 

The Toy That Predates Electricity

In the dark ages of absolute patriarchal dominion, women were labeled “hysteric” when they were anxious, depressed, or simply tired. And, because it was unladylike to be sad and not have a sunny disposition, doctors were quick to find a solution for their “problems.”

So, they invented the predecessor of the modern vibrator. If we’re being honest, the solution was pretty much spot-on. Many women today use vibrators and other sex toys to relieve stress. 32% of women over 40 use toys to combat daily stress. 

Therefore, using orgasms to lower stress levels isn’t unusual. But it’s also not something a modern sex therapist came up with. Back in the 18th century, doctors used to manually treat hysteria (a made-up illness that was a direct result of stifling patriarchy).

But then came automatization. The first non-manual vibrator was invented in France way back in 1734. It was named the Tremoussoir, and it was approximately the size of an average chest of drawers. Not to mention, it took more than one person to operate it! 

So, a few centuries ago, a toy-assisted orgasm was hard to come by and demanded a lot of manpower. Even later editions of the vibrator, like the first electric vibrator that Dr. Joseph Mortimer invented, weighed 40 pounds. What’s more, Dr. Mortimer couldn’t operate it himself and needed the help of at least one assistant to “relieve muscle pains” in his female patients.

The Modern Solutions

The road from the enormous 40-pound vibrator to the whisper-quiet rabbit you probably have in your drawer was long and bumpy. In 1902, the first electric vibrator was patented in the US, and you could even order it from a catalog. Then, of course, you’d have to look it up under “personal massagers,” but that’s beside the point.

It took another 80 years before the actual rabbit sex toy hit the market. 

Rabbit Vibrators — A Gift From the Japanese (That Keeps On Giving)

Originally, vibrators were made for internal stimulation. What’s more, they were pretty straightforward. They either looked like a rod with a rounded head or a distinct realistic look (which not many found appealing).

However, it didn’t take long before technological advancement allowed significant improvements in sex toys. And thanks to the sex-positive movement and the general sexual liberation that happened in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, the sex toy industry saw quite a few revolutions. 

The biggest one was the invention of the rabbit vibrator. This sex toy offers both internal and external stimulation, thus providing intense pleasure (and a blended orgasm!).


The First Rabbit Vibrators were Made in Japan

The first rabbit vibrators were brain babies of the Japanese company Vibratex. Thanks to the bunny ears, they offered different vibration patterns and intense clitoral stimulation.

However, at the time, Japan had quite strict obscenity laws. Similar laws are still in place so you might have seen blurred genitals in Japanese porn. 

So, the Vibratex company, aiming to revolutionize the sex toy industry, had quite a big problem. They wanted to make a toy that they could advertise and promote, but they couldn’t make it realistic (since the ads would get banned). 

Back then, most toys looked quite unappealing. They were supposed to look like the “real deal,” but the materials weren’t as sophisticated as they are today. Therefore, hitting that “real deal” mark was a bit difficult. That left people with sad, hot-dog-looking sex toys that looked like a real penis. 

Vibratex changed that out of necessity. Aside from the typical internal stimulation, their new toy also had a perfectly curved tip, and an external arm meant for external clitoral stimulation. That’s why they decided to give the toy animal characteristics. Because the rabbit is a lucky charm in Japan, they chose to fashion the vibrator after the likeness of rabbits. 

Thus, the first rabbit was born! The company also made the toy brightly colored to make it more appealing than what was already on the market.

It Hit the US Market in the 80s

The flood of pink rabbits hit the US market in 1984. They were a hit because they had the “cute factor” and didn’t look as dull as toys other companies had in their selection. Over the next ten years, different versions of the rabbit vibrators hit the shelves. 

Most notably, the one with a separate compartment for the batteries made the biggest waves on the market. Being cordless made a huge difference in when and where women could use the toy. 

However, it wasn’t until the mid to late 90s that the rabbit became as famous as it is today.

But the Rabbit Fever Began in the 90s

Thanks to the world-famous HBO show Sex and the City, many of us first heard of the rabbit toy. As the 90s were ending, and the first show with the word “sex” was changing TV as we knew it, the rabbit got its worldwide introduction.

In the Sex and the City episode “The Turtle and the Hare,” the most daring of the four protagonists, Samantha, lends Charlotte her rabbit vibrator. But, of course, all of us who have seen the episode know what happened after that, given how closely it came to depicting reality. 

Like many of us, Charlotte barely left her bedroom after trying out the Rabbit Pearl. If that sounds like an exaggeration for entertainment, you can trust us that it isn’t. Many women report that the dual pleasure nature of the rabbit vibrators has completely changed the way they masturbate. 

A study conducted by the Canadian Department of Sexology, part of the Montreal University, found that 36.6% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Only 18% of women report reaching orgasm while having penetrative sex. 

Women also claim that the combination of clitoral and internal stimulation gives them a more intense orgasm than they would experience with just one form of stimulation.

Given how crucial clitoral stimulation is, it’s no wonder that rabbit vibrators are so popular. But, of course, having a space in the mainstream popular culture and endorsements from A-list celebrities helps.

Eva Longoria famously stated in the early 2000s that she gifts all her girlfriends the rabbit toys because “there’s no better gift than orgasms.” Oprah also had praise for the mighty rabbit, calling it the “Rolls Royce of sex toys.”

The Market Is Massive

When we say that the rabbit vibrators became popular, we mean they became the biggest crowd-pleaser on the market. 

Vibrators are the most popular sex toy out there. The vibrator market currently has a value of $1 billion, and vibrators outsell condoms. That’s not surprising, considering that 65% of single women who buy toys buy vibrators. That means they buy vibrators more than all other toys combined.

And I don’t think that relationship status affects the sales that much. For example, 54% of women in relationships who buy toys decide to grace their bedside drawers with a vibrator. 

Of course, not every purchased vibrator is a rabbit. However, a lot of them are. Given that the rabbit is the most popular type of vibrator on the market, it’s no wonder there are claims that there are more rabbit vibrators in the UK than actual rabbits (although this is just an anecdotal claim). 

And although rabbits have been popular ever since their debut, their rise to fame has been accelerated by some significant events. 

How the Recession Influenced the Sex Toy Industry

During the most recent recession, the sales of sex toys skyrocketed. Even though the economy was abysmal (albeit slightly less than now), people quickly bought sex toys. They helped them deal with stress and fill in the time.

The sales of rabbit vibes also skyrocketed. That’s partly because people can now afford high-end toys (such as medical-grade silicone ones with plenty of vibration modes, vibration combinations, and excellent clit stimulation). However, it’s also because younger generations are more willing to explore their sexuality and play around with toys.

From small ones like the Happy Rabbit to the massive, luxury ones like Lelo, all companies reported higher sales numbers thanks to the recession.

The Pop Culture Phenomenon

It’s not just the recession that affected sex toy sales. Some critical pop culture moments also influenced how the public views (and uses) toys. 

For example, the famous (or infamous) Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy caused a 400% worldwide rise in toy sales (we’re talking about the toys the main characters used in the films and books). Over the two years after the release of the movie, the overall sales of sex toys rose by 30%.

And that was before the themed sex toys, such as the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl and the likes, hit the market! Once they did, the sales increased even more. 

Of course, this fact is entirely understandable. The Greedy Girl is a USB rechargeable rabbit vibrator with two powerful motors that will hit your G-spot and make you orgasm like never before. Did we also mention that it’s a thrusting rabbit vibrator?

Well, it is. In fact, many of them are. That’s the beauty of rabbit vibes — thanks to their features, such as the curvature that allows G-spot stimulation, the external arm that allows direct clitoral stimulation, and various vibration modes, they can provide a more intense orgasm than other toys. 

The COVID-19 Surge

Over the past couple of years, we have all lived in unprecedented times. The global pandemic changed the way we work, socialize, and date. Unfortunately, that’s also why our relationship with sex toys changed.

At the beginning of the pandemic, people were panic-buying many things. Due to that, toilet paper, bottled water, and PPE were scarce. However, many people were also buying sex toys. 

People were buying high-tech and multiple-features sex toys in particular. Not being able to connect with people in the way we were used to meaning that many of us had to go through dry spells during various lockdowns. Sex toys with many features (a rabbit vibe, for example, with its signature ears) helped many of us through that.

And So Is the Selection

Because toys like the rabbit vibe are so popular, they have come a long way since the 80s. The first rabbit vibrator had the classic bunny ears and rotating pearls in the shaft. These two features provided deep penetration (which means G-spot pleasure) and clit stimulation. 

Even though that sounds like the perfect toy, the mighty rabbit vibrator saw many changes over the years. Thanks to that, we now have toys with ten or more vibration patterns (like Jill’s Wonder Rabbit), which will also provide additional clit stimulation thanks to their sucking abilities (such as the Evolved Super Sucker) that thrust in and out of your vaginal canal. At the same time, you use them (like the Pretty Love Natural Motion Thrusting Rabbit), as well as elegant luxury toys (such as the Lelo Ina Wave one).

So, today, rabbits offer a lot. But, of course, the two staple features are still the best-selling ones. For example, Jill’s Flash Rabbit provides the new and improved rotating feature. At the same time, Jill’s Rolling Rabbit has a simmer shaft that allows even deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation.

And, because the selection is so vast, so are the prices. Like the Lelo Ina Wave, some toys are more pricy than others. But the price isn’t the only thing you should look at when picking your best rabbit vibrator.

Picking the Best Rabbit Sex Toy Is No Easy Task

Many women wonder which is the best rabbit vibrator. Unfortunately, there’s no good answer to that question. The best rabbit vibrators are the ones that work best for you.

However, that doesn’t mean that any rabbit vibe will do the trick. Sadly, the sex toy industry isn’t regulated in the US. Unfortunately, that means that there are no guidelines or rules regarding the chemical composition of sex toys. 

That does mean that we’re all potentially one shady, suspiciously cheap toy away from a yeast infection. Talk about a way to kill your sex life!

But it also means that we should all do some research about our toys before buying them. For example, the best rabbit vibrators will always be body-safe silicone, like Jill’s Land It Rabbit. So in general, silicone toys, no matter their type (clitoral vibrator, vibrating dildo, rabbit vibrators, etc.), are your best bet. Just make sure you don’t use silicone-based lube with them, as it can damage the toy.

The Best Rabbit Vibrators for You

After deciding on the soft silicone as your material of choice, you should also check the features. A good rabbit vibrator will have plenty.

Rabbit vibrators that’ll blow your mind will have plenty of vibration patterns that you can play with, a clitoral vibrator that’s located in the rabbit ears (or the external arm of any other shape), and additional features. 

It’s also good to opt for the whisper-quiet rechargeable rabbit vibrator. It is easier to use (especially if you’re using it on your partner’s body).

Testing out the vibration settings is a crucial step for picking the best rabbit vibrator. It’s important that both the shaft and the clitoral arm hit the right spot for you. However, it’s also vital that the vibration modes are pleasant for you. 

If you’re unsure how to test this without testing the toy on your nether regions, you can use your nose. The tips of our noses are as sensitive as our private bits. Therefore, you can test if the vibration modes are too strong (or not strong enough) by touching the tip of your nose with the rabbit vibrator. Be sure to test out both the motor in the shaft and the one in the rabbit ears (if the toy has both).

Rabbits Are Designed to Make You Orgasm

One of the best facts about a rabbit vibrator is that it’s designed to make us orgasm. Therefore, every detail of the toy is meticulously planned and tested to be as effective as possible.

The Design Is Stellar

For example, one of the most significant benefits of the rabbit vibrator is that it can stimulate the vaginal opening and provide clitoral contact (thanks to the clitoral arm). But, since these toys are called the G-spot rabbit vibrators, they also offer another (obvious) benefit — G-spot stimulation. 

But why is this a fun fact? Well, because it means that a rabbit vibrator is more likely to give us a blended orgasm! 

For example, Jill’s Handy Rabbit has an angled tip for G-spot stimulation and seven motor functions that allow for different vibration modes. Combined with the toy’s rabbit ears, the toy is likely to provide a blended orgasm.

And the Numbers Don’t Lie

Because a rabbit vibrator offers both clitoral and G-spot stimulation, it’s a fan favorite among women. Overall, women buy plenty of different sex toys. However, 83.8% of people who buy sex toys buy the ones that have clitoral stimulation (and G-spot stimulation) features. Compared to the 64% who purchase toys for internal stimulation only (like dildos and strap-ons), that’s quite high.

Furthermore, women have reported that a rabbit vibrator that offers dual stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot is more likely to prolong the orgasm by 17%. This study focused on the Happy Rabbit toy that made women orgasm 17% longer than they usually do when they manually masturbate. 

The dual stimulation, as we already mentioned, also allows for blended orgasms. A blended orgasm is a particularly intense orgasm that happens when we stimulate both our clitoris and our G-spot. It’s quite different in nature from regular (clitoral) orgasms, which is why many women chase it.

Clitoral vs. G-Spot [Infographic]

The Versatility (Rabbits Aren’t Just for Solo Play)

A rabbit vibrator is one of the most versatile toys out there, which is why it’s also one of the most popular ones. The soft silicone clit and G-spot stimulators can also have additional features that improve their versatility. 

Some rabbit vibrators have anal beads attached to them, turning them from dual stimulation toys into triple threats. Like the We-Vibe Nova, other ones have an ergonomic design, allowing them to better stimulate your G-spot.  

And, speaking of the We-Vibe Nova, other We-Vibe toys also offer inter-toy connectivity. Aside from fantastic pleasure settings, some of these toys come with the free We-Connect app that allows people to control the toys from a distance or even connect them to other toys. 

We came a long way from when a rechargeable rabbit was a revolutionary invention!

So, it’s clear that a toy like a rabbit (especially a rechargeable rabbit with multiple pleasure settings) can be used for both solo and partnered play. It isn’t a one-trick bunny!

There Are Some Funny Laws About Them!

We already mentioned that the rabbit came to look as cute as it does today thanks to obscenity laws in Japan. The manufacturers had to be clever to be able to sell their toys to women around the country. So, they disguised the toy as a cute animal. As long as it didn’t resemble an actual body part (specifically, the genitals), the governing forces of Japan allowed it. 

Of course, this had the additional benefit of making the toy more appealing to women worldwide. The toy looked cute and didn’t resemble any sex toys already on the market. That allowed women to buy rabbits without facing the stigma.

The Stigma Around Sex Toys…

Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding sex toys still exists. Only a third or so American women admit to owning a sex toy. Based on the sales numbers we already discussed, it’s likely that the number is much higher in real life. However, some women are still unwilling to admit it.

New Zealand women don’t have that problem. New Zealand has the highest rate of ownership when it comes to vibrators. Over 40% of Kiwis own or have owned one or more vibrators. 

A part of the problem with owning sex toys (or at least confessing to owning them) is that many women think that men will find sex toys threatening. 37% of women that participated in a Live Science study believe that men wouldn’t like the fact that they own vibrators.

However, it seems that that couldn’t be further from the truth. A whopping 70% of men in the same study reported that they aren’t intimidated by their partner’s sex toys.

So, we’re on our merry way to diminishing the stigma around vibrators! However, not all countries and states are as progressive as the men who participated in that study.

Stigma Of Sex Toy Ownership [Infographic]

…That Leads to Weird Laws

Did you know that the entire state of Alabama has banned sex toys? In 1999, an assistant attorney general in Alabama claimed that “there is no fundamental right for a person to buy a device to produce an orgasm.”

Hence, the state could ban selling all devices that have that purpose. Still, that doesn’t mean that no women in Alabama have a trusty rabbit vibrator in their nightstand. Around 52.5% of women in the US have used a vibrator before. Statistically, some of them had to have been from Alabama. They probably just used a vibrator that they didn’t buy in a brick-and-mortar shop in Alabama.

India also has a strong ban on sex toys. Texas, however, took another route and just decided to limit the quantity one person can own. So, it’s illegal to have more than six dildos in Texas. It seems like an odd number to pick for a cutoff, but at least they got off better than the people in Alabama.

They Are Good for Your Health

Our final fun fact about rabbit vibrators isn’t as much fun as fantastic. According to the Kinsey Institute researchers, women who use vibrators are more likely to perform self-examinations of their genitals. Furthermore, they are more likely to visit a gynecologist for an exam.

So, clitoral and G-spot stimulation isn’t the only benefit that women who use rabbits enjoy. In addition, frequent gynecological exams are vital for our sex lives and overall health. 

Women who are more open about using vibrators are also more vigilant when checking up on anything that might seem off. Not to mention, they are more likely to notice that something is wrong.

So, rabbit vibrators are good for us in more ways than we initially thought, so it’s a great idea to treat yourself to one!

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